Do you love eating soups? Check out these AIP friendly and freezer friendly soups!

I love having freezer meals prepped and ready to go in the freezer because it makes life, as a busy mom, just that much easier. Freezer cooking really helps to save me time on a busy day.

When I cook soups for freezer meals, I do not do a large freezer meal cooking day. Instead I cook in big batches. I will make a double batch of soup – one for dinner that night and one to freeze.

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Freezer Meals: AIP Soups in Souper Cubes

In this video I use Souper Cubes. Check out the blog post linked above to find all the information you need to get your own Souper Cubes!

In this video I walk you through making beef bone broth in the Instant Pot. I also make chick broth, chicken soup, roasted cauliflower soup and talk about many more!


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