Free Dunkin Donuts!? NO! 🍩 Sugar Free Donuts! || Keto Doughnut Recipe


No need to Cheat for Donut Day 2018, stay away from the Free Donuts from Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, these Keto Doughnuts Recipe can be baked and fried and keep you sugar free and gluten free! πŸ”” If you SUBSCRIBE ring the πŸ”” for notifications! Buy Me Bacon? πŸ₯“
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Keto Donuts Recipe with coconut flour, carnival style with the light and soft texture that I was kinda incredulous to get (on the third attempt!) Totally Low Carb Doughnuts too and of course naturally sugar free and gluten free donut recipe here! No need to go of your Ketogenic Diet this Donut Day 2018

Nutritional Values per Donut
161 calories, 13g fat, 1.2g Carbs (4g fibre), 7g Protein


70g / 2.4oz Coconut Flour

30g / 1oz Brown Sugar Replacement

5g / 1tsp baking powder

5ml / 1tsp vanilla

60g / 2oz softened butter

110ml / 3.8fl oz unsweetened almond milk

4 eggs


Icing sweetener to decorate

Coconut Oil to fry


donut shaped baking pan

coconut oil spray

batter bowl

hand mixer




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  1. GIVEAWAY How could I not mention this recipe? Made this one thousands of times too and my dad really likes this one even though I dont use the correct mould for them they still turn out great and with a little sugar free strawberry jelly in the centre and a squirt of cream they are heavenly!

  2. I love that yours are fried like real doughnuts – they look great but it would have been great to see the texture. Keto baked goods tutorials should always show texture because there are SO many horrible ones out there that just waste expensive ingredients.

  3. I made Keto donuts, just yesterday and they were at best (okay).
    Now I will try your recipe tonight (totally stoked), but I have an electric donut pan kind-of-like a waffle maker; do you think this will still work. Or do you suggest any alterations when not cooked in an oven/fry pan?


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