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  1. Great you lost all that weight! Seriously though, how is eating so much food in one meal that would feed 4-5 people is healthy? Your stomach must be so stretched out. I can't imagine your therapist thinks this is healthy. I think you haven't addressed why you need to gorge yourself with enormous amounts of food when you probably should be satisfied and comfortably full after 1 or 2 servings. I think your heart is in the right place but what you're doing is taking a serious eating disorder called OVEREATING, binging, gorging and relabelling it as "volume eating." Not trying to be mean but there is no way your doctor would say, "oh ya eat 5 servings of food at one sitting." There's absolutely no health benefits to excessive overeating regardless that it's low calorie and only adds up to 300 calories for 10 lbs of food in one meal. I would think that this sends some serious mixed messages to your kids especially your daughter. And it's like you're trying to convince yourself it's ok bc all that education and training have taught you that overeating is not a healthy behavior nor provides any benefits. Do you tell your clients to eat like this? You say, I'm a volume eater … like that's totally normal but the volume you eat is not healthy. I get you switched out high caloric foods for veggies and heart healthy low calorie choices but that doesn't make it healthy for your mind, body and soul when you consume enough to fill 5 people's bellies. Ugh! It's not volume eating it's overating and some may even say an eating disorder. Not hating just think you haven't gotten real with yourself. We are only as sick as our secrets. This is a food addiction girl. You can overcome this bc you're a strong woman! But as long as you continue to fool yourself while trying to convince others that this behavior is ok and healthy and the reason why you lost over 100 lbs. You're trying to fill a void.

  2. Remember…simply always communicating about things good bad good bad…will fall into a manifestation for those whom you love also. Careful communicating about food. That’s why you see some thriving that never simply complain. Meditate and quiet the busy mind.

  3. I think as a society we should start phasing out the use of the word “crack” for a “fun way” to say addicting. Idk. When you see people in recovery as much as I do, it makes you mindful. Also your audience has asked nicely for recipes multiple times over.

  4. I suppose they gave him a drug for it? 🙄 High cholesterol is such a hoax. It’s the ratio that matters. You don’t want “low” cholesterol, we need it for healthy brains. And it was the corrupt food industry that gaslit ppl into thinking meat and dairy are the cause of it

  5. I had to do a random Google search for "chickpea chip recipe". I found a few with great reviews that I'll give a try and I'm excited to have a swap for chips. I've just been using carrots cut thinly lately. Feel free to let us know what you used in the comments!