Food Lab Basics: POV Tomato Soup


I had leftover sauce from the pizza I was making yesterday, so I turned into tomato soup. This recipe is loosely based on my 15-minute, creamy, dairy-free tomato soup recipe. It’s easy and it’s tasty and you most likely have the ingredients on hand already. PLEASE READ! The coronavirus has hit many folks hard, including first responders and hospital workers, individuals and families who were already food insecure, and service industry employees who are, for the large part, currently out of a job. My goal is to help fix both these problems in the best way I know how to contribute: organizing people, and cooking food. If you would like to donate to our free meal fund, head to where you can buy a boxed meal for someone in need. These boxes go directly to the frontline workers and food insecure families who have been hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. They also allow me to hire back my kitchen team to cook and pack these meals (in a safe, clean way). So far we have served nearly 500 meals, and the number goes up every week. If you would like to make a monthly recurring donation of any size, head to my Patreon account at 100% of the proceeds go directly to the free meal fund. You can also help by buying my books at where 100% of my sales commission goes to the free meal fund, and an additional 10% goes to independent book stores around the country. Finally, stay safe. Here is my guide to food safety and the coronavirus, written with the consultation of virologists, food safety experts, and infectious disease specialists, and kept up to date as new research emerges:





  1. I went ahead and tried this one. A few thoughts for anybody else thinking about it:

    -I used sourdough. I thought this imparted too much of a sour flavor. Would definitely recommend white.
    -Make sure you add enough water. I didn't and the flavor was just too concentrated. The texture was great either.


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