FL VLOG: daunting job updates, beach time, healthy recipe, + mom & uncle dom's 60th bday!


Hey friends! I’m back in South FL sharing a really yummy & healthy-ish recipe! I did another job interview that I’m super pumped about, but I’m also sharing how I really feeling after 2 months of being unemployed. I’ll also show you my mom & her twin brothers surprise 60th! Hope you enjoy this vlog which includes a lot of random, chaotic days in my life lol.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Jenna Cisneros & I recently quit my “dream job” as a TV News Reporter. My vlogs will capture the transition into a new job (outside of news), healthy meal preps, cute fashion on a budget, life back at home in Florida, and I’ll also be vlogging about long distance ahead of my fiancé leaving to Army basic training.

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0:00 – Intro
00:16 – Beach time in FTL!
2:00 – Healthy chicken stir fry recipe
7:43 – How the job interview process is really going
9:46 – The power of light
16:14 – Family din time
17:42 – Surprise!

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  1. Really enjoy your vlogs and your family! The chicken looked delicious. Job hunting is the worst, and it's difficult to make a transition to another field. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. If you have to keep looking, you might look into doing some volunteer PR work for a charity,(although even getting volunteer work can be tough sometimes) just to get something on your resume that is PR. Looking forward to your next vlog!

  2. The job search process is so hard. I searched while I had a job. There was one week I tried to apply to at least 3 jobs each night. Some I would have rejections before morning so you know it’s computers looking for keywords on resumes. I feel like you don’t necessarily need that specific experience but unfortunately computers read so many resumes. I used to prepare like crazy for interviews and then when I didn’t get the job I would tell myself well it was a good practice interview. I had a dry spell for a while without interviews and then suddenly had 2 interviews pop up. Long story, short, one of those led to a second interview and a job offer and the offer felt so right. I’ve been at my job 1 year this month! It’s crazy how it has been a year but I’m so grateful the company took a chance on me. I couldn’t count how many rejections I had in the process but in the end it all aligned. I wish you the best of luck in the search, just keep on applying. Also if you do know of people in the field you are entering, definitely talk with them for advice. I was pivoting roles and reached out to friends for resume advice.

  3. The chicken looked delicious. Thanks to your friend. Tell her she did a great job! Hang in there. I have noticed quite a few of our local reporters and some anchors have transitioned over to spokesperson jobs for school districts, police, local government and corporations. It's transferable for sure.

  4. Jenna I really enjoy your vlogs. Your family is so uplifting and fun. I hope you find a job soon, sending positive energy your way (In a world full of influencers and full time youtubers it's nice to find someone who likes to work a "normal job") 😊

  5. Hi Jenna – continue to stay strong! The job process is super stressful indeed… As a bridge, you might consider private tutoring writing/English. Parents are desperate for smart reliable people with real world experience. Private & public schools have lists of tutors they recommend – you might visit ones close to you in FL & then NY to see if they have a network. I’m in the DC metro area – good writing tutors here can make meaningful hourly rate

  6. I am right there with you about the instant rejection emails, its VERY disheartening. Its like you have to play the games of writing a specific resume to each and every damn job and who has time for that?!! its just so stupid, like you're up against a system that's designed to reject for no reason, when you are absolutely capable of the job! hand in there, you are not alone