Fine dining CAULIFLOWER SOUP recipe | Learn to cook LIKE A PRO


In this video, I’m going to teach you how you can make amazing cauliflower fine dining soup recipe with anchovies, burned chili puree, and raisins like from Michelin star restaurant at home. You don’t have to spend all your money in a fine dining restaurant if you wanna enjoy delicious food. You can learn to cook at home fine dining meals and with your plating skills amaze everyone in your house. 🎓Are you a passionate amateur cook who would like to learn the basics of fine dining cooking properly so you can be able to create your own dishes, improve plating skills, and cook Michelin star recipes at home for your friends and family without trials and errors ? Then book a free consultation call for my personal online coaching on my page and if we will be a good fit I will make you the best home cook in your town. 📲 Follow me on Instagram: 📘 Join my fine dining Facebook group: 📢 Watch more of my videos as bonus plating options, behind the scenes, live streams, Q&A on my Patreon page 🔥 Best meat thermometer on the market: 🔪 My favorite knife I use: 👽 Best steel I ever had: 🧱 Best wet stones for beginners: #cauliflowersoup #finedining #plating .





  1. Thank you for another great recipe Chef. Its such a pleasure to listen (your accent is adorable!) and watch you making these beautiful creations. I have a question: Could I use canned sardines instead of anchovies as it is hard to get? Or perhaps achovy spread?