Finally Making PSMF Keto Boston Cream Donuts!


In this video, we attempt to make keto-friendly low-carb donuts using Maria Emmerich’s recipe!
Here is the original recipe!:

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  1. Looks good! I love your recipe videos!! I’ve made these before and yeah, your filling wasn’t cooked long enough, and your bread mix wasn’t stiff enough. Also, yes, do put cooking spray or oil on the scoop to stop the sticking. When it comes to the chocolate, stevia powder works better than the liquid. Liquids really seize up your chocolate and I’m sure the almond milk didn’t help either. To stop the chocolate from seizing, you can melt it over a water bath and slowly add milk while mixing. It helps, but seizing can still happen. Not sure why her recipe calls for almond milk in the first place. It’s completely unnecessary.

  2. I have made a lot of Mariah's recipes, and many modifications. Indigo Nili has a great crepe recipe that I make into chips. I can't handle almond flour so this has been a lifesaver. Only problem is finding egg white protein. Outside US almost impossible right now. I think the addition of gelatin helps with consistency. I make danishes with a cinnamon filling (kindof like a dip in the middle of the round) then bake with filling. Then once it cools sprinkle on a simple glaze. Actually really good.

  3. I’ve been on keto/really low carb for many years, and this spring I decided to do PSMF for 2months leading up to summer. Staying on maintenance calories, IT WORKS. I lost 13pounds (the fat% got lower) before going back to really low carb/maintenance.
    My weight (fat%) has stayed where I “landed”, but my body/energy levels felt really strange for weeks afterwards😄 I’m happy about the result tho!🙌👍

  4. I've been watching your videos but I haven't commented in quite a long time (and I think I've changed my screen name). My first thought is that Boston Cream and PSFM should not be in the same sentence. It's just weird that this is considered PSFM. Keto- yes… PSFM – no. Of course, that is not on you guys but there, I've said it. The other thing is… I agree that the custard was not set up enough. It shouldn't be runny at all. If you ever make this again 😉 just cook it a little longer. Finally, I wouldn't make the holes. I'd made wells with the "bread" and pour the custard in the well and cover with chocolate. Same taste sensation with less work.

  5. OMG!!! I love you ladies!! I love that y’all are willing to take one for the team! I love that if/when it goes south y’all are like, “Ok, here’s where we messed up…” And y’all just roll with it!!! Makes me happy to watch you whether your project turns out or not-the “nots” are the most fun to watch (but sorry if they are uber-frustrating for y’all!!)! Finally I love that you explained what PSMF is! I’ve seen it for a while now, read stuff about it, but it really did not make sense to me. Now it does-thanks!