Fermented Garlic Recipe – Healthy Recipe Channel


This fermented garlic recipe is one of those life changing recipes that you keep for the rest of your life. Using this technique you can preserve your garlic from spoiling for months and even years. Fermented foods are loaded with helpful probiotic enzymes, bacteria and cultures that form in the salt brine used to ferment these vegetables. There is also so many garlic benefits for health that are endless. Not to mention it tastes delicious as a spice when used fresh like this.

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  1. I just finished planting 200+ cloves of garlic for harvest next year. I’ve tried so many ways of making it last at least until the scrapes can be harvested but no method worked for me. I know that storing garlic in oil can encourage botulism to grow. What about storing it this way?

  2. Great video. I just tried freezing some garlic in olive oil. Not very practical. I thought the oil would keep it from hardening and I could just scoop some out when I needed it. But no it froze solid. So I will try this method instead as I use garlic every day. By the way I bought those fermenting pebbles and you need to make sure you don’t use a jar any wider than the widemouth or the regular mouth size of the pebble. An example is a used my half gallon widemouth jug. Well the pebble fit just fine but the food floats around the wider shoulder of the jar and gets past it. So your carrot idea was great. I did my first ferment the other day of varied vegetables including lots of peppers.