Falafel Recipe, crunchy outside fluffy inside – Gluten free and vegan


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There’s so many variations in making Falafel depending from which country they come from. I find this recipe to be very close to authentic as it gives you that crunchy outside and fluffy interior. They are no way greasy, and when you look at the ingredients, they have to be healthy. There’s not many fried foods you can call healthy however this would have to be the healthiest fried food you can have. It’s cheap to make, high in protein and taste amazing. Serve it with Greek yogurt or a tahini sauce with lemon juice garlic and tahini paste.

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  1. Beyond the fact that the falafel looks amazing, it is just as important as the presentation. And the one who took this video is a cannon on !!!!! Did you have a great job on the video, and the amazing sound in every frame and frame is simply instructive … well done👏👍 !!!! By the way, how long would you recommend to soak the chickpeas 12 hours or 24 hours? Thanks!❤:-)☮☯

  2. Hi Joel, I have followed the instructions of your recipe here on youtube and on your website and can't get the falafel to bind so that I can make some balls of falafel. They just break up I don't know for which reason?. Can you advise? Thanks

  3. Now I’ve been looking at some different recipes. You seem to be the only one that I can find who uses lemon juice. Not that they aren’t others I’m just not coming across them in the searches I’m doing. Anyhow why did you choose to put lemon juice in this recipe? And was it something authentic that you saw in your travels?

  4. Eh, no salt in the recipe, precooked mix tastes bloody awful – peppery & acidic. Lesson to self; never try Vegan version of a cusine staple you've never tried to make before. I'm going to go ahead and see if the cooked result is rescued at all. And yes, I had all the ingredients and followed the suggested ratios.

  5. I’m Lebanese and you know Falafel is our traditional food ; you made it beautiful 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻, but you can continue and make tahini sauce and some cut vegetables on the side like parsley 🍅 and eat some pickles too ; and make it as a wrap on flat Lebanese bread or even the tortillas ones ; but your food always nice thank you 😊

  6. I followed this recipe exactly but when I fried the falafels the completely disintegrated! I made another batch and oven baked them instead, but when I took them out of the oven and cut them, they still fell apart! What did I do wrong? (They tasted nice though)

  7. I came across this video browsing to see how different some recipes are from my own falafels. This one seems on point with mine. LOVE the shots of the food, the detail and zoom in. Great job! However, pet peeve: Is there really such a thing as a non vegan falafel? 😛 Also, the text recommends greek yogurt, that's not really vegan at all. 😉 And I agree with others, swap the green onions with finely minced white onions for next-level falafels. 😀