Eternals Movie Review – The Nerd Soup Podcast!


The Soup Gang reviews Eternals & The French Dispatch. Plus, Ana de Armas will star in a John Wick spin-off movie, Ryan Gosling has been cast as Ken in the live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie & Vin Diesel asks The Rock to re join the Fast & Furious franchise. TOPICS:00:00 – Eternals Review 27:40 – The French Dispatch Review 41:03 – US Weekend Box Office Recap 47:43 – Ana de Armas Starring in John Wick Spin-off 54:53 – Ryan Gosling Cast as Ken in Live -Action Barbie Movie 1:02:00 – Vin Diesel Wants The Rock to Return to the Fast & Furious Franchise 1:05:50 – FAN QUESTIONS! Listen to episodes of ‘The Nerd Soup Podcast’ at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK! TWITTER! – Aaron Twitter: @nerdsoupmonkey Beau Twitter: @beausoup Teddy Twitter: @TeddyNerdSoup Nash Twitter: @AnthonyJQNash Marissa Twitter: @purplegirlns INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK! – Visit our Patreon page here –





  1. I just really hope Richard madden comes back. One big gripe though I have is that I feel like the eternals should be stronger. As individuals I feel like they never came off as serious threats to really any of the villains that the avengers have fought, which is weird because the implication of this movie is that we will be seeing these characters join the avengers roster.

  2. I had issues with the pacing. It was all over the place. The score although fine was nothing new or inventive. It didnt really move me or make me think of time & how old they are. He could use any instrument on the planet & he made Game of Thrones pt 2. I actually wondered at one point if he was plagiarizing himself. It just wasnt as epic of a score as i would think something like Eternals deserves.
    I also feel that the character motivation just wasnt there for the majority of the characters. I was bored for most of the movie & i was truely looking forward to this movie but was so disappointed.

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