Epic Vegan Tapas Recipes


In todays video I show you how to make 4 AMAZING VEGAN TAPAS DISHES .


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I make the most beautiful potatas bravas, with rich tomato sauce, chickpea & vegan chorizo sausage stew, my super green gazpacho & a lovely fresh bean salad on toast. Seriously good dishes here. Please give them a try and let me know what you think. Perfect vegan party food.

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  1. Hi Gaz! Such a great video. Another vegan tapa (originally vegan) is ajoblanco – almonds (raw without skin), sunflower oil, garlic, salt, and white a bit dried out bread. It is being blended into a very smooth dip that can be served with grissini, normal baguette or fresh vegetables as carrot sticks or cucumber. In the web there are a lot of recipes to find, they usually refer to a soupy texture (original recipe) but it really like it more dense.

    Here is a good explanation and recipe: https://www.thespicemonger.com/blogs/recipies/ajo-blanco-dip 🙂
    Give it a try!

    Also very cool "version" of Gazpacho is Salmorejo – you take fresh tomatoes (without skin), olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, some water, and yesterday´s bread (fresh actually also works). It emulsifies beautifully, has little garlic touch, tomato sweetness and creaminess from the bread and oil

    Best regards from Berlin where your vegan food would be more than welcome

  2. Dear Gaz-Chorizo is pronounced like Gazpacho…
    Without a “t“before the “z“..😉😉😉just a middle sharp “z“..like in “zero“.Best regards from a(meanwhile) big fan ..
    There is a certain part in your backroundmusic(not in this video) I have to listen to over and over again(and therefore watch those videos again and again😊😊😊)

  3. Hello Gaz! You are wonderful and watching your videos got me very excited about going vegan 1 month ago. However, the amount of OIL you use is a problem. Those of us who are older [and health-compromised] really need to worry about cleaning out our arteries and we must GO OIL FREE.

    I know you really want to make beautiful, appetizing, restaurant-quality food, but try not to add to the "olive oil is a health food' marketing myth.

    And thank you for all your inspiration and the beauty you create.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to interpret tapas so beautifully and healthily. I love the presentation, too, the spanish-style gazpacho pitcher and the clay bowls. Well done. I'm so glad to have discovered your channel. My vegan interpretation tapas go to dishes: escalivada, espinacas con garbanzos, for gazpacho the white soup called ajo blanco and, for a toasty tapa, pan con tomate. Gorgeous food at your channel!

  5. Not just your Spanish tapas are very inspirational and made justice to Spanish food, but also your Chorizo pronunciation is perfect! I love love watching your videos, you are such a professional and you transmit your love and respect for other cultures through cooking. I've learned so much from your work. I wish you all the best and hope you can open your restaurant soon. Maybe someday you can open one in Spain!


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