330 days a year we have chia pudding or porridge for breakfast and the other days we usually indulge in something like this epic vegan breakfast burrito. This one is a tank!! It’s an explosion of flavour and it’ll have you waking up singing and dancing! Well worth making or even just making one or two components to add to a different meal.


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  3. Breakfast Burritos!!! Everybody loves Breakfast Burritos!!! I love "em. You love 'em!! Your in-laws love "em!!.  Breakfast Burritos!! . I can't wait to fix a dozen or so Breakfast Burritos to serve the whole family first thing tomorrow morning – and inevitably a few of the neighbors,. As soon as they get a whiff they'll be stopping by bright and early to sit down and tuck in to some good Breakfast Burritos  now that Spring's here and everybody's windows are open. You say you want some taters   with that? Well, how do you take 'em? Home fries or hash browns?  (maybe with some chives, garlic – or even both mixed in) How about a stack of flapjacks with that – also.. short stack or tall?. Doesn't matter.  Don't forget to add the butter to to those   spuds and flapjacks – but don't sell margarine short. I once put Blue Bonnet Margarine on a Ritz Cracker. Since Everything's Better with Blue Bonnet and Everything Tastes Good on a Ritz, I started an uncontrollable chain reaction of Goodness that threatened to consume the planet. Fortunately, I got it under control as soon as I ate the cracker.  And hey – don't forget to save some table scraps for the Family Dog. – especially if bacon or sausage is also served on the side to accompany those Breakfast Burritos.