EPIC Healthy Plant Based Summer Salads & Sauces | 6 Recipes


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fattoush salad:
courgette and tahini dip:
spicy tempeh salad:
mexican inspired corn salad:
avocado, mango and black bean salad:
mango chutney and coriander yoghurt dip:

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00:00 intro
00:42 fattoush salad
03:10 courgette and tahini dip
04:54 spicy tempeh salad
08:06 mexican inspired corn salad
10:14 avocado, mango and black bean
11:51 mango chutney and yoghurt dip





  1. Your salads look delicious.
    I live in America but I have an aunt that was born in the UK. I use to work in Christian music. If you have a radio listen to
    K Love radio station 97.1 FM….it suppose to be worldwide. Just thought it would be good for you to listen to. God has given you a talent and I want you to know about His music.

  2. Pro tip for emulsifying oil n vinegar / vinaigrette dressings: use a hand held milk frother, the stick like version, if you happen to have one. So easy and gives you a perfect result every time! Just give it a quick rinse with warm water directly afterwards and you can use it for that post lunch latte without problems.

  3. Nice and easy recipe ❤️ I'm glad you use tempeh as an ingredient in your recipe, tempeh comes from my country Indonesia, you can make it yourself at home if you want, use non-GMO soybeans, if I want some snack, I make tempeh like a sandwich with dates in it, it's very delicious

  4. Brilliant vlog. These recipes are great! I'm still making on a regular basis the vegan Jambalaya I swapped the rice for Freekah and added some vine tomatoes. So tasty. Please please could you say where you purchased the gorgeous bowls used in this vlog. Much appreciated Madelein. Thanks for all your good work and effort put into these vlogs. You are a lovely lady. Quick info.. Nkuku main headquarters near Totnes is definitely worth a visit!!! 🦋

  5. Hi Madeleine, Hi Alex ! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

    Gosh these salads look so delicious, my mouth is watering!!!! I am definitely going to try and make some of these myself 👍🏻

    Thanks so much for sharing !

    No worries if you can’t share (or remember ! 🤣) …..but I was just wondering what make is your cute little angular bowl ..with matching ceramic spoon ? I am sure I have seen a bowl and spoon like this for sale in a lifestyle shop in Falmouth when I was there in holiday… but I can’t remember the brand name (as I say, no worries if you don’t reply)

    Loving your videos ! Know you guys are so busy with wedding prep atm, so thankyou for posting this and the others we have enjoyed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    “Every Good Wish” to you both from sunny Hampshire ! ☀️🌻😎🤗

    PS : Alex, 😂😅 I loved that the tomatoes said “Byeeeeee” as they whizzed off the chopping board 🍅 🍅
    Nice touch … and made me laugh out load 😁

  6. What glorious recipes! Sounds strange but I’ve watched you for years and these past few weeks/months it feels like you’ve really found a format for your channel that resonates with you and your audience perfectly and is just utterly joyous! Perfect mixture of vlogs/ your daily life and incredible recipe videos. You seem so content and your videos bring me so much calm and joy – thank you. Also my fave vegan recipe channel – your paella recipe from years ago is still a regular go to in my family and converted lots of them/ my friends to loving vegan food! Thank you Madeleine ❤️ and Alex!

  7. I make a super simple sort of Greek style cucumber and tomato salad frequently as a side dish for dinners in the summer. It’s just one hothouse cucumber and two large heirloom or beefsteak tomatoes chopped into bite sized pieces, a handful of kalamata olives halved, half a red onion cut into half moon slices, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and some fresh dill and oregano chopped. Mix it all together and let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving. Makes 3-4 servings. It’s great for this heat wave we’re having in the US because it’s a veggie side that doesn’t heat up your kitchen. It would go great with falafel, couscous, and a nice dollop of yogurt.