Ep:266 KETO RECIPES: WHAT SHOULD I DO??? – by Robert Cywes



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  1. I’m with you on the recipe thing…you say keto is sustainable then you say it is not in the same sentence. It seems to me that your keto plan is a Carnivore Plan…why not simply say that…I’m a “smaller fan” lost 75 lbs since January 22 following your direction…I’m very comfortable with saying I’m carnivore. Really the way you use “keto” to describe your eating plan is like using an artificial sweetener to make carnivore more palatable, very confusing…just say’n

  2. Love this!! Doctor you have the best “no bs” way of speaking! Our food and how we eat is serious, life and death. People need to be told straight, no dancing around the issues. Thank you for the courage to be direct and unafraid of pissing people off, you really care about helping others <3

  3. Omg I so appreciate this video Dr. C! I have benefitted so much from our telehealth sessions supplementing my transition to a carnivore lifestyle. I've been going strong in it for about 2mo now and I'm feeling loads better, especially since I no longer crave sugar + starch. I can confidently walk into CVS for batteries past a wall of candies that used to be my weakness. Most of the time I crave beef or just red meat in general and I never get tired of it. I'm an avid fan of your YT channel and all your wisdom, delivered bluntly and straight to the point. I'm trying to help my friend lose weight and especially help him understand the carb addiction model but he keeps relapsing…he did so well his first attempt on the diet!😔 Anyways thanks again for all that you do for the betterment of the world. Your superfan, Keith's baby sister 😉

  4. If I eat some keto dark chocolate once a week is that not good? that is probably the only snack I have besides the basic cooked meal of vege, fish, meat, eggs. I keep my meals simple, clear chcken soup with veges or stir fry veges with eggs, steamed fish, grill meat and sometimes creamy chicken with herbs.

  5. Hi Dr. C – I’m local to you and recently found your videos (which I’ve been devouring). I need to lose 30 lbs to be at a healthy weight so I finally decided to try keto and have lost 6 lbs so far. My question/comment is, to maintain this lifestyle for life, can’t things like a keto bread (“carbonaut”) make my transition from full blown carb addict to healthy keto eater easier? Don’t crack-heads get to take methadone for a little while before they transition completely off the crack? For me, I feel like some of these keto recipes have really kept me on the keto wagon. Have you tried keto chicken strips “breaded” in crushed pork rinds and sautéed in avocado oil? This recipe actually made me feel like “I can definitely do this for life!” It was freaking amazing!. So not all these recipe books are total crap (for me anyway)- it’s helping me transition slowly into a lifestyle that I actually think I can sustain forever. I’m at the methadone clinic until I can learn to live drug free! I know you’re a “cold turkey” kind of guy (I’ve seen your videos) – but some of us need a period of transition. Can you make a video on that?? Strategies for transitioning from full blown carb addiction to keto lifestyle for those who know that cannot do “cold turkey”?

  6. I have witnessed people crash and burn after following Keto books because they made harder than it needed to be. BREAK THE ADDICTION!!!!! After living LC for 4 years I have discovered so many things to eat that are “one ingredient”. The amount of meats and fresh LC veggies is almost endless so I’m never board at meal time. Thanks Doc!

  7. If you really want to “ pull up the floorboards“ and fundamentally change your lifestyle, to really align yourself with “true north“, as Stephen Covey puts it, then there is no more important video channel to tune in to binge and carefully listen to than Dr. Robert Cywes channel. Every single one of his videos, I learn something new and wonderful. and truly and vitally helpful.


  9. I am on day 124 of carnivore 110 days being strictly BBB&E… water and black coffee only. I really appreciated this info and encouragement. My daughter found 2KK on YT and wonders why they can eat/test every "keto snack & food" that comes in bags, canisters, and wrappers but I say don't do it. Saying that he eats 1/2 keto brick every day having 200 on hand along with eating mug cakes and ice cream regularly. Then there's the "homemade keto bread" while on a BBB&E challenge. It's fine I guess if your a "keto veteran" but acting like this is all okay and saying it's approved by Dr. Berry caused my family, thinking they were doing the right thing, to fail. I couldn't explain why their blood work done by you was perfect… so I am wrong. In my humble opinion we need more honest info and the only way to get that for me is to stick to one channel that promotes proper keto/carnivore habits and nutrition. Sticking to proper nutrition as opposed to emotional eating.💜✝️

  10. I bought the keto recipe books and all the ingredients. All I did was waste good money. I came to the conclusion substitutes did not taste like the original and the reason I was unhealthy was eating the original food. After 5 months I naturally transitioned to carnivore. Totally agree with you.

  11. Greetings from the Western Province South Africa. 🇿🇦 🇿🇦
    Thanks for this Podcast, I needed to hear this message. No more Keto Rusks, no more keto biscuits… No more Keto Bakery products..
    From now on I'll recognise the foods on my plate.. 👍🏻

  12. Keto worked really well for me years before all the substitutions were introduced. I feel really derailed living in this pandemic world. Before it was easy to find a live OA meeting for the emotional management. OA really helped me jump start myself into an abstinence frame of mind when it came to carbs and sugar.

  13. Most recipes I've seen from the Keto perspective are in "substitutes" mode. I think that mindset of hanging on to the SAD is a path to failure. Rather than accepting the FACT that the SAD is not a good program for proper human diet, they attempt to fake up some of those foods. People aren't that weak if they fully intend to be successful.

  14. The word "Keto" is Big Food's new buzzword because they were losing $$$. Don't fall for it. Authentic Keto or Carnivore is natural, not processed. I'm four years in, keto then carnivore, 77 lbs lost, normal weight, health, 68, and easily living this lifestyle. Also a sugar addict. If I can, you can.