Egyptian Rice Using Hearts of Palm


A while back, I released a lamb kebab video. As a side dish to that recipe, my wife, Terry, made an Egyptian rice from hearts of palm. Since then, I’ve received numerous requests for her recipe. Rather than steal all of her thunder and make it myself, I asked her if she would like to lead her first SeriousKeto video.

Printable recipe with macros:

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Hearts of palm rice:
(note: it was $22 for a six pack when I purchased it a week ago. It can also often be found at Marshall’s / Home Goods / TJ Maxx)
Fennel pollen:
(note: while this is pricy, a little goes a LONG way)
Mortar and pestle:
Hand mandolin slicer:

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  1. I added a comment to this video a bit ago, and it seems to have disappeared. The comment included a link to an an article in nature magazine about a study that found erythritol dangers. Could YouTube have silently deleted the comment because it included a link within the body of the comment?

  2. First of all, I want to move in when your daughter moves out because you both are amazing cooks! I am sincerely drooling at the sight of that meal. Terri is an absolute natural, and Steve is a such a supportive sous chef. Wonderful video, thank you both

  3. Hey Steve & Terry, been following you for a few years now; love your channel. I am Egyptian and never heard of this rice, just wondering how it was named Egyptian ? Will have to ask my fellow Egyptian friends about it. Is it popular in a particular city ? Just curious. I will have to give the hearts of palm rice a try. Thank you for the video

  4. I really like fennel pollen, and if you want another culinary suprise, grow your own fennel. We grow Bronze Fennel and the freshly formed fennel seeds are nothing like what you buy. They are full of moisture and are actually a little sweet. Really good in red sauces for pasta. Glorious!

  5. This is right on time, I just opened my first box of that brand of rice the other day. I'm more accustomed to Palmini rice brand, but this brand is a bit softer and has a shredded texture, while Palmini is more like a diced texture. That's a great idea to add chicken broth to the simmer, I think it would really help this rice retain some much needed flavor.