Easy Vegetables noodles soup is quick to make and is perfect for a weekday meal. Its healthy and filling. You can use noodles of your choice to prepare this soup.

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Ingredients/ Method

200 gms of noodles of your choice ( par boil them)
3-4 cups of Veg broth
2-3 tbsp oil
1/2 cup chopped onion
2-3 cups of veggies of your choice
2 tbsp stir fry seasoning mix
1 tsp salt ( adjust to taste)
1 tsp seasoning pepper
optional- Garnish with cilantro and green onions

– Par boil noodles ( as per package instructions) and set them aside.
– Cut up all the veggies.
– Heat 2-3 tbsp oil in a pan and fry some onions. Add veggies. Add seasoning and spices. Mix well. Saute veggies for 3-4 mins.
– Add veg broth. Bring it to boil and then add noodles. Let the broth simmer. Garnish and serve.


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