Easy Vegan Curry Soup!


Hey everyone,
I actually made this video about 2, 3 months ago, but I wanted to wait for a while before I uploaded it. But now it’s finally online! 🙂 hihieh. This video is about how to make vegan yellow curry soup (and maybe it sounds a bit… different, but believe me it does taste and smell really good). Also, it’s super easy to make; just chopping everything into little pieces, cooking it, the yellow split peas of course (in Dutch: ‘gele spliterwten’), and… yeah. 🙂 Oh and I also used a hand mixer in the end, to turn it into one smooth soup (, I like smooth soups. But if you prefer a bite, instead of having it smooth, then you can just leave it for what it is I guess, without using the hand mixer).

I found this recipe in the cookbook: Vegan on the Cheap (page 202). Written and created by Robin Robertson (and on amazon I saw that she had actually made A Lot of vegan cookbooks, but that’s not important right now – I just thought that was kinda cool).

Also, sorry… but this video does not have skip buttons. A lot of things I have sped up though, when I was editing. And if it still goes too slow, then you just have to skip stuff manually I guess, sorry.

Thanks a lot for watching! 🙂
greets FruitGirl

Ps – Should I make more videos of this (in general)? Yeah, or nah? Please let me know in the comments! 🙂