Easy Taco Soup Recipe | Fast and Delicious


Cozy and comforting, this Taco Soup is so easy to make in one pot with kitchen staples! It’s a hearty, filling, and protein-packed soup that your whole family will love. It’s the perfect weeknight dinner filled with your favorite taco flavors alongside ground beef, tomatoes, corn, and beans. RECIPE: PRE-ORDER MY BOOK! SUBSCRIBE ► ———————————————— ————————– ADD ME ON: Tiktok: Instagram: Pinterest: Website: Amazon: Facebook: .





  1. "Extruded lines" 😂 you are speaking to me with that, I have some food "phobias" & you nailed that one!! Lol
    It might be Spring here in Chicagoland, but brrrr! This is going to be the PEFECT dinner tonight, for this cloudy Monday & I know my taco obsessed hubby thanks you already!♥️✌

  2. Do you think you might show us how to make a Ukrainian dish? I am not Ukrainian but I’m curious about their culture and I want to support them during this time. And also who doesn’t want to try new food just to try it?? (Some people don’t and honestly that’s so sad for them, but I won’t let those losers get in my way lol.)

  3. I’m so going to make this!! I do wonder why there’s paprika? Is that usual in a Mexican-inspired dish? Anyone can add whatever they want haha, it just caught my attention. Anyway I always put cumin and chili powder in taco beef! Pretty sure it’s the law 😉

  4. My mom made this all the time when I was a kid! It’s still one of my go-to winter meals. My family uses ground chicken or turkey because we don’t eat beef or pork. A few tweaks to your recipe that I really enjoy are using chicken broth (or your choice of stock) instead of water, adding a drained jar of pickled jalapeños, canned green beans for a veggie addition, kidney beans, and a jar of salsa. And of course, the amount of stock/water needs to be increased because of the added volume of other ingredients. I use sodium free beans, corn, and chicken broth because the taco seasoning and salsa already has plenty of sodium. Your video was great as always!

  5. I love your site. I have a request, mybe an idea for future shows. Know that it's getting hot, and their are many like me that's A/C not so great, do you have some tasty meals that could be fixed with a lower amount of heat.
    Thanks, from a fan in humid climate (in the summer) state of WV.