Easy Simple Mediterranean Greek Salad Recipe | Home Made Greek Dressing


Hello champions I will be sharing with you my homemade Greek salad and easy homemade Greek dressing recipe.


10oz cherry tomatoes or grape
1lb Mini seedless cucumbers
1/2 of a red onion
6 oz feta crumbles

Greek Salad Dressing Recipe
1/4 Olive Oil
3 Tsp Red Wine Vinegars
1 Tsp Dry Oregano
1 Tsp Salt & Pepper
2 Tsp Lemon Juice





  1. Hey hey girl friend 👍 I'm a big fan of Greek, Mediterranean, Italian .. well .. to some it up .. any GOOD FOOD! 😋
    I could eat your salad a couple of times a week for a meal and be quite happy!
    Infact, I had similar too, a couple days ago with Kalamata olives and a little of thinly sliced green bell pepper. Salads just make you feel good and so healthy for us! Thanks for sharing, and nice job, posting more often 🙌 .. 🍋💗🙏

  2. This looks yummy! How much onion and garlic powder do you use? I never cut my tomatoes because they seem to cause the salad to limp up by the next day. This year, I’ve been getting the most bitter cucumbers! Don’t know what causes that but I hope they get som good ones in my store soon. I actually have everything I need for this salad (except cukes), so I’ll be making it very soon! Thank you!!

  3. Mama Ray how do you go about choosing your menus to video? Is this salad something you eat regularly and if you were going to add something to it as my husband is not much of a salad eater what would you suggest? Thanks again it was nice to hear you. Have a great week 🤗.