Easy rustic Winter vegetable soup recipe :) Cook with me!


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Today I made a Winter vegetable soup. I normally add a handful of orzo pasta but the supermarket didn’t have any…so I just added a handful of white rice instead 🙂 I usually make big batches of soup and then pop it into portioned freezer bags…really handy when you need a quick lunch or to accompany filled rolls or bagels for a light supper.

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I used:

2 Large potatoes (diced)
1 Large leek (diced)
2 Onions (diced)
3 Carrots (diced)
2 Parsnips (diced)
Half a turnip (diced)
200g Red lentils
200g Orzo, rice or small pasta
A good handful of parsley
3 Litres of strong stock (any stock you like, ham works well…I used vegetable)
Olive oil for frying
Garlic salt and or salt & pepper to taste

***Optional cream or parsley to serve***


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  1. I sometimes cook a bit of breast or neck of lamb with it. Start off the lamb first of all in water. When it is cooked pull the meat off the bones, chop and return to the pan with the vegetables. And pearl barley instead of rice. My mouth is watering now and it is 3.30 am and I'm in bed ! Insomniac. Thanks again for another lovely recipe.

  2. Fairly sure these bowls were a staple in most Scottish homes! And as a kid I got right riled if I couldn’t get the proper bowl for the type of soup I was eating! Sure we had tomato, chicken, mushroom, lentil and scotch broth!

    Thanks again Cheryl for your channel, love seeing old favourite recipes from my childhood reminding me of mum n grans culinary delights

  3. I'm so glad I found this channel. I joined a medieval reenactment group, and as an American of Scottish heritage, I'm playing a highlander. The Scots were the largest and healthiest people in Europe (averaging over 2 meters tall, and living well into their 80's). I was so sad to find out that it's because all they ate was oatmeal and the occasional leek ROFL (as a vegetarian this made me giggle). I think I'm going to "lean" on you to add some variety to our campfire cooking. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It means a lot to us.

  4. Hi Cheryl , do you cook for a living ?? Your very confident and really seem to love it , we call your soup in Wales cawl most people put lamb in it my mam put beef sadly i cannot digest meat so i do one very similar to yours , I just asked my son would he like rice or small pasta in it next time the look i got was priceless kids hey , i love the channel keep the good work going i also now have been asked by my daughter for square sausage so i'm going to use your recipe cross your fingers for me , Thanks Gill.