EASY RAW VEGAN MANGO SORBET (use maple syrup instead of agave boo!) 平平


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AS A RAW VEGAN FOR 12 YEARS + how to tell when a yellow watermelon is ripe!

Do you want to connect with like minded fruity cuties from ALL around the world?!?

Im opening up my private community and Id LOVE for you to join!

Now is your chance to connect with your fruity family, learn EXACTLY how to be a healthy vegan, and get your specific questions answered every week! I have been blessed to be connected with AMAZING people from all around the world who are passionate about self-development and living a healthy vegan lifestyle and now is the time for us ALL to meet!

Ive been doing this group on Monday nights for 2 years privately and now Im finally ready to open my community up to new members so we can all connect to our fruity family!

What’s included in this private community:

Access to my Monday evening 7pm EST private Zoom!

I will do a 30 min presentation and then open up the floor for Member’s Only Q&A! We will also have special raw vegan, fruitarian and motivational guests join us!

Access to my Private Facebook Group “Misfit Mondays” where I will share daily videos, recipes, inspiration, motivational content, workouts and more!

Get a Weekly Accountability check-in to help you stick to your goals!

A Members discount on future books, courses and coaching sessions with me!

You will connect with hundreds of healthy vegans all over the world and meet your BFF, business partner, roommate, accountability partner, soulmate, etc! It’s been my dream for a while to connect us all and now is the time!

Send me an email with the words Misfit Mondays and Ill send you all the info!

[email protected]

Im excited to see you there!


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