EASY Pressure Cooker Veggie Soup


How to use your pressure cooker to make EASY delicious vegetable soup. I was always afraid of using a pressure cooker until I got one and learned how to use it. IT SAVES ME! The time I save using it is incredible and the food is super yummy.

I use a chicken because of all the added flavor and nutrient benefits, but if you want this to be vegetarian/vegan you can leave it out. Maybe just add some olive oil on top of the soup as a garnish when you’re all done.
You can use whatever veggies you like. Generally, as long as you add onions and garlic it tastes great.





  1. I use pressure cooker all the time but I never cook veggie in it because it only needs about 15-20 min of boiling to cook it normaly. Using pressure cooker reduces time to about 1/3 of the time of normal cooking – so 25 min for the veggie (+waiting till you can open it) is waay too much. It's like you are cooking it more than an hour (I cook beef soup 25 min max and the meat is tender).Veggie loses all the vitamins and it's overcooked.


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