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what i eat in a week as a vegan in london … nah this is one of my favourite episodes ever so i hope you love it too! good recipes, fun times, second hand september and a visit to an animal sanctuary! this is a full on week!

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no-honey mustard dressing ingredients:
3 tbsp mustard
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp chopped chives
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
& finish w garlicky olive oil til its the right consistency

– i usually loosely follow this recipe and adjust for taste!

second hand september:
this is a month where you challenge yourself not to buy anything new. No new clothes, accessories, or household items. just 30 days can reshape your habits, so I encourage you to give it a shot!
the spot in notting hill is called the reclaimery – take a look here:

animal sanctuary is hugletts wood farm

beauty event was hosted by lovely eco brand evolve beauty

if u dare venture to camden, these are the spots:
vburger camden
purezza camden
junk yard golf camden





  1. Im so glad you uploaded loved the recipes thank you so much as i am struggling withr ideas recently😢 you always have such pretty fresh flowers it always reminds me to get myself a bunch❤ – i got a really good bunch from tesco that was reduced to £2 of lilies! You have taught me to keep my eyes peeled for reduced stuff from your previous vids! That white dress oh my word 🥺 Also your brown jacket is gorgeouss💗!

  2. Really enjoyable video, that tart looked so good! Completely agree in the second hand leather vs second hand fur debate, although if there's a second hand alternative to the second hand leather I'll go for that.

    Also really love your mindset of focusing on having more of the good stuff when trying to eat better etc rather than on denying yourself 'bad' stuff – you've said this in a previous video a while back too and it genuinely gave me a new outlook on making better choices, a much more enjoyable way to do it!

  3. I was literally JUST having this conversation about leather this week. I’ve never worn second hand leather because I personally feel a little uncomfortable wearing it, but I’m 100000% in favour of vegans wearing it. (I mean my car has leather inside…) I hate the idea of d*cks also trying to argue with me like, YOURE WEARING LEATHER! HYPOCRITE! Fake vegan!!! And I just don’t have the energy to face that lol. But I support fully vegans that do. It’s a shame because i LOVE the way leather clothing looks (especially suede!). I will say I’ve bought second hand wool once before (it didn’t have a label so not 100% sure it’s wool but pretty certain it is). It was a bag that I just fell in love with and knew I’d treat it with total respect and love. I just worry about judgement from others.

  4. I've been vegan since 2006 and have bought a 2nd hand beat up sofa in the past year and a half. I haven't bought any 2nd hand fur, though. I will donate the sofa afterwards if it is still okay. I am thinking it is better to use products already there, environmentally.🤔

  5. Those animals ❤ just precious. I try and visit an animal sanctuary at least once a year it really is moving seeing the stories of their backgrounds.
    RE: Camden! I live around that side and I will not step foot there during school hols or weekends. Promise its not so bad on weekday mornings esp for Mildred’s brekkie!

  6. Hi beautiful and gorgeous Nicole and another excellent what Nicole ate in a week with all the yummy 😋 and easy vegan food. Love 🥰 this video and love 💞Nicole. I agree with second hand leather but the definition of veganism does say it depends on what is practical and possible and for me second hand leather I would still use. As a Gardener I wear garden gloves and many of them are made from leather or plastic and neither are best for the environment but it's practical that I wear them when dealing with thorny or prickly plants so if that makes me a bad vegan that's just the way it has to be.