Easy Mixed Berry Salad Recipe | with Poppy Seed Dressing


This easy and delicious salad will be your new favorite! My mixed berry salad recipe is perfect for summertime and pairs so well with grilled meats. It’s made with spring greens, cucumbers, avocado and a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. I dress it with an easy, homemade balsamic poppy seed dressing that really brings everything together. This salad is so bright and colorful! Serve it on its own, or pair with some juicy and delicious grilled chicken breast. Everything about this berry salad is incredible!

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:57 Making the Salad Base
01:49 Adding Cucumbers
02:12 Adding the Berries
03:36 Cheese & Almonds
04:05 Making the Dressing
04:58 Serving Suggestions
05:27 Taste Test

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  1. The salad looks delicious! It is a nutritious salad! The salad dressing is amazing. We tried some of your recopies and they turned out great. Your recipes are easy to follow! You explain every step of the recipe very well and in detail! We have been watching your channel regularly and we wait for your new recipe eagerly. Could you please share your basic white bread recipe?
    Thanks for sharing your recipes!
    Have a great day!

  2. HI SWEETIE see I need to start shipping out .y smoked meats just cause this salad for instance.is absolutely yummy, the dressing was also added to the top of the applewood and cherry smoked chicken breast.cooked 4 medium sized chicken breasts for 2 hrs on 400 for first hour.then 300. After I made the chicken I drizzled some of the bolsmoic dressing on top gave this salad a sprinkle of parmesan and Romano cheese. At the end of every story I tell I always end it with your my mentor. (Because with out your guidance to show me how to make it better you wouldn't have me showing you that I can). You'll always be my "HERO".showing me most of your secrets . So I can make it right the first time.just glad you love most of my smoked meat recipes.this is why I'll always be your subscriber and fan.(which feels more like family).for life. Have a fantastic weekend my dear.

  3. It looks amazing! So bright and colorful mirroring the abundance of the season. I love poppy seeds in dressings! And the chicken looked like a wonderful compliment, Tatyana. Thank you so much for adding some brightness to the summer months with this salad! A great, healthy, tasty summer meal!

  4. Good Day Chef.! The fact that you used the same berries as last week shows that you know how to use the same ingredients many ways. One of the signs of a true Chef. I always made sure that my menu items were interchangeable with each other, waste nothing. I bet that this could even make a nice wrap sandwich with these ingredients. So jealous of your strawberries, I'm still waiting for the local harvest, about another 2 weeks. I would not insult your salad by adding ''commercial'' ones🍓. I also prefer Goat 🐐 cheese to Feta, kinda salty. Have a Blessed and Beautiful Week. Dio Ti Benedica Mio Bella Amica, Ciao 🍋🌷🌷🌷