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As part of my exploration into more foods eaten in Blue Zones, I’m providing you a whole what I eat in a day when eating this way. These foods are again from the Okinawa, Japan region and you’re going to love adding them into your meals.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

★Recipe ★

🌱 Smoothie:

🌱 Soup:

🌱 Salad:


00:00 How to make blue zone Japanese recipes
00:05 How to make dashi broth
1:45 How to make red miso soup
2:55 Red Miso soup with dashi broth finished
3:03 My least favorite food
4:07 what else can I add to red miso soup
4:18 Miso paste, the star of the show
4:48 how to make a banana turmeric smoothie
6:14 Banana Turmeric Smoothie finished
6:22 When I stopped eating breakfast
7:45 Okinawa Japan Blue Zone recipes
8:11 swapping soy in the smoothie
8:28 The weirdest American holiday
8:49 How to make Soba noodles salad bowl
11:09 Soba noodle salad done
11:14 Why I am switching up ingredients
12:13 Importance of fiber
12:25 Ingredient swaps for the dressing

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  1. Andrew, you should check out Yeun Man cooking's Maitake risotto, using fresh maitakes that he does a dry sautee on while making the risotto. It will change your life, and the way you look at mushrooms. No texture issues there. I make this frequently, it is one of our favorites, and sometimes I mix in some oyster mushrooms or whatever I have on had. I always add more shrooms than it calls for because they always shrink. Been watching your channel for awhile now and I love it. Sincerely, thank you

  2. Andrew, if you like the flavour of dried shittake but not the rehydrated texture, I hear ya. Same 😅. Try blitzing to a FINE powder in the spice grinder and then add. Works well on other dried mushrooms too – CEOs for Ragu. Hope this helps.

  3. Ohhh no!! Purple yams. 💕💕 im so addicted to those. Just the mere mention gets my mouth watering. Its like having a huuuge candy bar. (I dont eat junk anymore btw). That last dish with Soba noodles looks yummy too. Ty for the great videos.

  4. Sooooo trying that smoothie (insert me running out the door to procure fresh ginger)! PURPLE POTATO…. 🔥Not as in spicy, but so amazing to eat. Fiber? The health of the planet would be so different if humans gave way more attention to getting enough natural fiber through they food they eat. COME ON WORLD… I never met a food high in fiber that was bad for me. Just sayin… Keep up the great work and PEEEEEEEEEEEEAACCCCCCE! *UPDATE*. Made the smoothie without the ice and a scoop of pea protein. The ginger is POPPIN"!

  5. Your soup looks so good i can almost smell it. Growing up in a house with a Korean mother I ate like this all the time. I'm going to try to tell you this gently, those mushrooms are almost never eaten like that. I've never eaten one like that. They're either sliced really thin, diced really tiny or pressure cooked. In any case, no stem. The broth you get from the FIRST cooking is the richest, but it's not that last time you use those guys. If you don't want to eat them right away or you have nothing but stems left throw them into the freezer to do this again. Mom always used those things about 3 times before they go into the compost.