Easy Keto Pie Crust


This is the only keto pie crust recipe you will ever need. An easy press-in low carb pie crust that is perfect for both sweet and savory recipes. Four simple ingredients make this a hit. Nut-free and dairy-free options!

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  1. "I never measure salt out properly…" You never measure anything out properly. In your book you acknowledge that the American habit of measuring by volume is inaccurate and inferior to the measurement by weight practised by the rest of the civilised world. You didn't think it worth giving weights in your book though. In the introduction you remark with apparent nonchalance that in baking things never turn out exacty the same twice. You wonder whether that might be because of this or because of that… It doesn't seem to occur to you that it's because you have chosen to be slapdash in measurement – and through your book to condemn us to the same. Maddening.

  2. Love your videos!! Quick, easy and straight to the point! I usually don't buy cookbooks anymore with all the online options but I had to give your baking book a try! I read the great reviews on amazon and I think it's also a good way to support you for all the effort you put into your work! Keep em coming, girl!!

  3. I'm not trying to mess with perfection but just curious why you don't add an egg to your pie crust recipe. Seems other keto pie crusts recipes do but just wanted to know if there is a real difference in adding an egg or not. Thank you for your recipes, I truly love them all.

  4. This is my go to crust. Used it this week with your crustless pumpkin pie recipe to make pumpkin pie. I didn't think a batch intended to fill 4 – 4oz ramekins would be enough filling so I doubled the recipe and it was just right.

    I had intended to use it with your coconut pie recipe but when I went to make it I discovered I didn't have any almond flour so I used the coconut crust recipe instead. The pie was good but I think I prefer the almond flour crust. Also, since it's just two of us I needed to freeze about half the pie so I didn't add the recipe topping. Instead I used the Land 0 Lakes sugar free heavy whipped cream spray.

  5. I've made this pie crust several times now. My wife thinks it's a better crust than the non keto version she used to make. I've used it for cheesecake, your lemon sour cream pie, your pecan pie, chocolate pie (using your chocolate pudding recipe), and a "double" chocolate pie with your chocolate crust. Coconut cream is next.

  6. Can someone help me? Why is my mix super doughy and not crumbly at all? Moist and soft. I'm using the exact recipe and measurements. I try to add more almond flour but it just doesn't mixed into crumbly form. They are doughy like cookie dough but softer and moist. It is supposed to be doughy and soft instead of crumbly unlike traditional crust using normal flour?