Easy Keto Meal Prep For 1: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Dessert


Easy keto meal prep for 1 😊 Its hard prepping meals and snack for 1 BUT Im on a mission to make it simpler for those of us that don’t need to prepare a casserole that feeds 12. Stay tuned….more keto recipes & ideas are headed your way real soon.

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  1. My forbidden fruit is naval oranges, watermelon, frozen grapes, grapefruit and bananas and the fruit I only eat sometimes is strawberries, sometimes blueberries and raspberries and maybe blackberries if they are on sale.

  2. Wow, you made up your own recipe for muffins! Cool! And being single does not make batch cooking and meal prep the most thrilling thing. I am finally eating eggs again with sola bread. I have a rough time with meat sometimes, so eggs are super helpful. I am going to do a choc zero shopping spree. I just hope nothing is crazy surprising like keto chow and LMNT, which gave me the shock of my life with the gagging amount of sodium. Thanks ever so much for all your inspo. You are a big, big, light in my keto life.

  3. Thank you Kristi. Recently I found keto burger buns at Aldi's again. OOOh so good and like your hubby I have a Core Keto chow everyday as I am now low carb, high protein and less fat and really doing well with it. Many hugs!