Easy KETO Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe | Low Carb Keto Dinner Recipes With Ground Beef


This Keto Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe is one of the BEST easy low carb keto dinner recipes you can make. It’s made with ground beef and just a few other keto friendly ingredients. Plus, it takes LESS THAN 30 MINUTES from start-to finish to make!

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  1. Don't know about some of you but it was annoying to have to keep replaying to not only get the recipe, but instructions, so as I wait for my 2nd pound of hamburg to defrost (fingers strumming the counter top), I will take the time to do so…you're welcome 😁


    2 lbs hamburger
    1/4 cp mayo
    1/4 cp ketchup
    Clove of garlic(or 1 tsp preminced)
    1 med onion
    2.5 cps cheese
    Salt & Pepper

    More to come, hold on

  2. Made this tonight. Will keep this recipe, but we need much more flavor and spice.
    Added Pork Chorizo sausage to the ground beef.
    When I added the last layer of Mexican cheese, I sprinkled cut up tricolor bell peppers on top! (from the grocery, precut, saves time) Put under the broiler per recipe.
    Then when I served it, added a dollap of sour cream and salsa for more flavor.

    Next time, I'll add jalapenos on top. We served this with Pork Rinds as a side dish! Also, it's fun dropping a spoonful of the cheeseburger casserole to a Pork Rind! Like Nachos!

    Thank you Joe! Keep up the great work you are doing helping us in the Keto World.

  3. I'm cooking this tonight. Actually at the moment my wife took over browning the 80/20 for me to recheck the recipe. I have a couple of observations which leads to comments and questions. You drained the "juices" from the ground beef. A significant percentage of that is the fat you paid for buying 80/20 vs. 90/10. My ketosis likes the fat but the kitchen plumbing doesn't.* Am I missing something?  
    One issue I have with keto, I gather others do as well, is that it requires more thought than our typical diet and therefor has an element of complication. This meal is not baking which demands a higher level of precision for replication, yet you give a figure of 56 grams. Well, throw that 56 grams out there as you put the casserole together but show that any ingredient in this can be measured by volume and guess. The damp paper towel trick helps prevent the cutting board from sliding and I'll use a dry tea towel if needed but a heavy wooden cutting board doesn't move so much and it can be shredded with tiny knife cuts and yet bacteria dies off in hours so cleaning is simple. Synthetic boards are notoriously hard to clean by hand due to bacteria holding on. Using a wooden cutting board might be a better tip than the wet paper. I say that thinking of paring down the time to watch the video.
    Pre-keto which includes a time before I was aware of the problems with gluten in my diet my wife would layer canned crescent roll dough (if it was canned biscuits we called them whomp biscuits) in a muffin tin and add a recipe much like this one along with chopped bacon and a bit of prepared mustard. I wonder about making cabbage rolls or a lettuce roll with your recipe as a filler. I'm not sure how the lettuce would work.
    *Edit; This is very filling. I see why you drained the browned ground! Next time I'll have the butcher grind sirloin so I'm not pouring away money. Also, note to self. Next time put the dish in a casserole after the first addition of cheeses and then top and bake. I looks like it stripped the seasoning from my carbon steel skillet.
    Did I miss the carb count on the dish? I know it's low.


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