Easy HIGH PROTEIN Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Ideas | Thai inspired Tofu and Pasta recipes


These vegan saucy Thai noodles taste like they are straight out of your favorite restaurant. Being able to create meals like this for not only my family, but teaching you how to also, brings me such joy

I really hope you love this one! Give it a try a let me know what you think!

★Recipe ★



00:00 how to make vegan saucy Thai noodles
4:18 Finished vegan saucy Thai noodles
4:33 I may never say this again
5:25 using flavoring oils as cooking oils
5:55 don’t wash the pan between
6:05 what type of tofu is best
6:25 swapping tofu
7:05 the one ingredient I would not swap
7:15 soy sauce substitute
7:20 vegan fish sauce substitute
7:21 ketchup substitute
7:30 swapping maple syrup
7:40 noodle variations
7:55 best tip for noodles in this dish
8:15 if you really want to blow minds

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  1. Sir, you have the first YouTube channel that I watched the entire video, read the notes below the video, found your website, then after reading through some of your recipes on the website I asked myself if I can subscribe to your content on the website without you even asking me to. That was a long way of saying that you've created practical, digestible content. I thank you! keep moving my friend and wishing you the best of health to you and yours!

  2. I love your recipes! I however have to follow quite strict dietary regulations where I can't eat foods rich in fibre – any nuts, seeds, or the skins of vegetables like a pepper are out of the question for me as well as more spicy meals. I will definitely experiment with the maple basis you made right there tho, maybe put some onions in it instead of the seeds and nuts. Thanks!

  3. I could not find any broad rice noodles, so I used an Italian noodle (like mini lasagna noodles) called "mafalda". Very cute and tasty in the recipe. I added some cooked onion and mushrooms (both needed to be used). My sub of cashews due to peanut allergy was OK, I might just skip nuts next time or maybe just do extra sesame seeds with the spices. The sauce was really great, I did add a touch of rice vinegar, the sauce seemed to lack acid. This is def going in my rotation!