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In this video, I am sharing an easy and healthy Korean Soup Recipe! If you didn’t know, my husband is Korean, so we eat a lot of Korean food in my house, it’s amazing. I love how fresh and delicious this soup is, and anyone can make this — it’s so easy. It’s vegan and gluten free, so try it out and tag me in your photos if you make this!

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6 cups veggie (or chicken) broth
1 tablespoon Gochujang paste
1 white onion roughly chopped
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 a jalapeño
1 potato roughly chopped
1 zucchini cut in semi circles
1 packet of extra firm tofu cut in cubes
1 bunch of green onions

Heat broth, Gochujang paste, onion, garlic and jalapeño on stove over med/high heat

Peel, chop and add the potato (you want to give the potato the most time to cook, so add this before all your other veggies)

After the potato has had ~10 minutes to cook, add the zucchini. Let cook an additional ~7 minutes

Add tofu and green onions, and let cook for one more minute.

Serve with rice, kim chi and seaweed.

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  1. I love your make up videos, you are amazing. I’m very surprised to see you also like to cook Korean dish ( the dish is call gochujang jijae) my favorite too! I use the rice cooker, as you can tell I am a Korean. Maybe Someday we hope to see you couples. Thanks🥰