EASY Creamy Vegan Ramen Recipe


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  1. I honestly don't think ramen is such a bad food choice when it comes to "healthy food". Everything out of balance is not good in any other way. If you eat ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner for months then obviously it'll become problem. It's like if you like coke you won't replace it instead of water, isn't it? I'm not korean but I love ramen and I love to watch food blogger make ramen and adding all kinds of vegetable and stuff. It is reaaaaally taste good though. It reminds me of my home and my father as well, we used to share it when I was little.

  2. I’m Pakistani …. Technically Asian but usually we aren’t thought of as Asians … I can relate to everything you said …. The part about using instant ramen – I mean I love that it’s relatable that I don’t have to whip up a whole broth for a comfort food … the part about being a kid in an adult body and missing the security of your childhood… the part of feeling like an outsider sometimes in the western world …. Virtual hugs …. We are all so different but same in so many ways

  3. This fell on my feed, beautifully – thank you. Not only did you make my mouth water, but your beautiful story brought me to places and memories of my grand parents and parents and our love of comfort with food, and our Italian dishes:) Also those packets live in my pantry and save me on nights when I just crave that flavor I want with noodles/ramen/soups. Thank you so much

  4. Not Asian, however, I grew up loving noodles and Asian cuisine. And having instant cup noodles (as bad as they taste to me now) still reminds me of the times where I would sit at my laptop and watch videos at age 11. I wasn't in a stable home at that time, but it was a good time despite the hardships I went through. Instant ramen has been a comfort food, despite me not using the packet due to the insane salt content. I don't judge people based on how they make it because I know people have their own ways of making it. Instant ramen will always have a place in my heart as a warm comfort food that always stuck with me no matter what.

  5. I really appreciate that you show using the packaged noodles, I love them and I usually buy the samyang noodles from Amazon. I hope you use them with some of your recipes. Your food looks delicious thanks for stepping out and making your cookbook. It’s helping me survive this year.

  6. I love this story Soo much! Our mental health is every bit as important as our physical health and it can affect our physical health! So yes, sometimes you need to feed your soul and your heart and it may not be the healthiest or smartest option but it's what you need at that moment. If you're passionate about healthy food and lifestyles that's fine, be passionate! Advocate and set an example but DO NOT judge or lecture others on their choices because you have no idea why they're making that choice. Thank you for making these videos and sharing these stories with us ❤️

  7. i'm filipino. but I can relate to the feeling of safety associated with eating ramyun. here in the Philippines we have LuckyMe instant noodles which is personally my go to fix when i'm feeling down or just wanting to feel some kind of comfort in an unknown place. when I was later introduced to korean ramyun, I was pleasantly surprised to associate the same feelings of safety the moment I had a whiff of the soup broth when it was cooking on our stove top. for me, it really doesn't matter if the food was made from scratch or if its instant, what's important is how it makes you feel when and if it gives you that sense of comfort or homey feel.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video 🙂

  8. Seriously f*** anyone criticizing instant noodles. I'm censoring myself out of respect for your channel because I really like your content. I can't even have most instant noodles because of autoimmune, but making them fancy was one of the things my mom taught me to do because a lot of the time we didn't have a ton of money for food… instant noodles are a pretty common food bank staple, tho.
    F*** em.

  9. As a Blackman, I grew up on having to make 25cent packages of ramen into “gourmet” meals (code for making the same thing taste different, fulfilling and into a full course meal.) I use to put eggs in my ramen as a teenager and never realize it was a thing until I became an adult. People who don’t know
    won’t understand and it is not our job to make them understand.

    Leaning more towards veganism these days, I enjoyed the idea of eating ramen vegan “gourmet style” without all the animal products. And I love the fact that you ate it out of the pot. That is something I would do.

    Stay Blessed!

  10. This takes me back to my junior year of college. I transferred from junior college into the junior year of a private university, and I knew nobody except my younger brother, who had started as a freshman that same year. I opted for a Japanese exchange student my own age rather than a freshman because I assumed I would have more in common with someone my age. Sachiko and I developed a routine almost every evening because she regularly got care packages from home and liked to share them. We would split a ramen every every evening at around 9 as a study break. I didn't discover Korean ramen until this year, but ramen has been a go-to comfort food for me ever since.

  11. Also tbh its really shitty to talk down to people who need to use processed food products because of disability or mental health issues or time constraints or money issues making fresh cooking from many ingredients difficult at times.

    And the Shin Ramyun powder is just really damn good.