Easy Chili Peanut Aubergine Noodles | Plant based vegan recipe


Today we’re making easy chili peanut noodles from our newest cook book, utilizing some of our kitchen staples; aubergines, mushrooms an peanut butter. This is a quick easy wholesome dish that is an all rounder and a people pleaser.

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  1. So happy to find new recipes that I’ve never tried before, I never cook with aubergine. Thank you so much, healthy eating gives me a lot of happiness. Xox
    200g mushrooms, aubergine, tbsp oil, pinch salt, cook for 8 mins until soft, grate 1 carrot, slice chili into thin strips, 4tbsp peanut butter, 5 tbsp tamari, 4’tbsps maple syrup, 3 tbsps apple cider vinegar, 4 tbsps water, whisk. Add some water to pan 2 tbsps, add 1/2 dressing and stir through. Add carrot, bit of chilli. Add 200g cooked noodles. Handful spinach/ any green. Add most of dressing, mix on medium heat. Taste and season.

  2. You guys treat oil like Romans treated lepers. Good oil is excellent for the body. That eggplant is going to taste horrible with such little oil. Use more oil and allow for some singeing.

    And if you want to turn it up a notch, then roast the eggplant over fire until it softens. Lovely smokiness.

    Also noodles cannot be treated with such disdain. Boiling noodles is a matter of skill. That’s what a chef needs to teach in a channel. Else what you did was just hot mixing.

    Finally, get a wok. Don’t pretend that noodles can be cooked in that shallow pan. That’s for European cooking. Do authentic stuff. Not some insipid half-irish mash, lacking contrasting textures.

    Sorry, not palatable.