Easy Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe


This Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe is so easy to make with simple ingredients. It’s a creamy, hearty, comforting soup that will warm you from the inside out! Full of shredded chicken and lots of fresh veggies, this hearty soup is perfect for any meal. It’s a classic homestyle recipe that your whole family will love. You also only need one pot to make this soup, so cleaning up is a breeze, making for a fantastic meal on a busy weeknight. RECIPE: ORDER MY BOOK! SUBSCRIBE ►———————————————— ————————– ADD ME ON: Tiktok: Instagram: Pinterest: Website: Amazon: Facebook: .





  1. This soup is exactly what I needed for the winter season. I will view your roasted chicken video but by far the warehouse clubs chicken can’t beat the price. My preference is a French type fresh chicken from Whole Foods and roast it. The last one barely made it enough for two people with no leftovers. Thank you for sharing!❤

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