Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


Made with a few simple ingredients, this Chicken Noodle Soup recipe comes together quickly and easily. This soup is simple yet satisfying as it warms you from the inside out. Comforting and nourishing, this classic recipe is made all in one pot and is sooo much better than anything you can buy! RECIPE: PRE-ORDER MY BOOK! SUBSCRIBE ► ———————————————— ————————– ADD ME ON: Tiktok: Instagram: Pinterest: Website: Amazon: Facebook: .





  1. I make homemade soup every week. I love soup, but I am allergic to celery. Making my own soup allows me to add what I want. I like cubed chicken in soup because of texture. I do add lemon to some of my soups and love the freshness it gives. This week, I making courgette soup on Thursday….cause it’s a green soup!

  2. I hand shred my chicken for chicken soup. I use big, but not jumbo pasta shells for the noodles. But unless I'm making it for a lot of people I never cook the shells in the soup. I leave it separate so they never become mushy. Lastly I make a Pico de Gallo, and top the soup off with that. It adds a little kick which feels good when you aren't feeling well, as well as vitamin C.

  3. Thanks for the video of your version of this classic! This is the dish I always make the day after I roast a chicken. Always fresh stock, and I make my own noodles and use celery seed, but otherwise very similar. (I'll admit I'm a "garlic criminal." I have a favorite minced, jarred variety, packed in olive oil that is my go-to.)

  4. I love this time of day you’re filming at John, the light which seems like natural lighting is wonderful 🥰 your recipes are amazing , so I was wondering if you could do a bone broth recipe that actually tastes good ? I’m pregnant and it’s really good for pregnancy and I just needed a really good recipe 😅

  5. Chicken soup is SO classic and personal! I use lemon zest as well, and sometimes leeks, parsnips, or tunips; whatever looks good in the produce aisle. This time of year on the East coast, I forage for Ramp (sometimes called spring onion), a wild leafy onion flavored green and add it to the soup. Adds a delicate onion flavor to die for!

  6. Thanks Alot! Now,. You guessed it! I Want a bowl of chicken soup! Haha! First of all,. I would never think to cook raw chicken with veggies! But I Love the lemon! I Always put lemon in my chicken dishes! I cook buttered noodles & I add chicken,. I cook my chicken,. Add lemon & butter, salt pepper,. When it’s done I let it cool,. That’s when I cook my noodles, I love the wide egg noodles the best,. Then I mix it all together! I don’t add anything else! I like it kinda plain,. Lots of lemon & salt & pepper,. Oh,.& Lots of butter,. Probably half a stick of Real Butter,. I don’t do fake butter! Haha! Great recipe,. Thanks! I definitely try it!!! I could Almost taste it from here! Yummy!