EASY BREAKFAST RECIPES that AREN'T avocado toast !! ~ Asian Vegan Meal Ideas


a variety of chinese breakfast recipes that are nourishing, delicious & plant-based! 🌱 Get your kitchen essentials from Our Place’s Spring Sale today ▸ Everything, including the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, is on sale!

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  1. I am not asian but since turning vegan I've had an absolute obsession with asian food because of it's amazing variety, and ability to be vegan. I can always leave an Asian restaurant full without feeling hungry, and mostly filling up on veggies instead of carbs. And stir-fries from leftovers are so easy to make. This video gave me more idea. Thank you!

  2. watching this video was so comforting it reminded me a lot of the food that my grandma makes i miss her now 😉 I really want to try recreating some of these recipes now in my apartment ty for this amazing video hehe
    p.s. i love red bean buns and dipping them in warm soy milk

  3. I dont need breakfast ideas actually but I clicked on the video anyways because of the title. No hate but I'm SO DONE with seeing avo toast everday in ever freaking vlog or morning routine. Some ppl that ik hate the taste of it but eat it anyways because it trending apparantly lmao

  4. Anyone know any vegan breakfast recipes that aren’t so carb-based? I have insulin resistance so if I don’t have a more protein-and-fat oriented breakfast I feel like absolute crap over the rest of the day. Getting bored of tofu scrambles. Almond and chickpea flour are also VERY expensive where I live. 😢

  5. Yessss!! Everything looks so delish🤍🤍 Love how you're sharing family recipes with us and not gatekeeping them 🥺 This is so wholesome and nice and I'm super exited to try them ^-^ Hope you'll do a series with maybe lunch and dinner 🤞🏻

  6. In India we have pancakes called chiila they are made up chickpea flour or gram flour , we use semi watery base of chickpea flour and add spices like turmeric , salt , red chilli powder , black pepper and cumin then we mix it all up then its upto you what you want to add in your pancakes but people usually add chopped onions , chopped chilli and chopped tomatoes . Then we eat the chiila with mint chutney or mango pickle . We also eat taro root by stir frying them in mustard oil with spices . There are actually so many vegan and vegetarian food options available in Indian cuisine . I would love to see you try them out Leah !