Easy Avocado Citrus Arugula Salad Recipe | with Lemon Vinaigrette


The most delicious salad for spring and summer time! My easy avocado citrus arugula salad with homemade lemon vinaigrette is bound to become a family favorite! It’s made with baby arugula, layered with crunchy fennel, creamy avocado, juicy citrus, crunchy cucumbers, and toasted pine nuts. I love to use a combination of orange, blood orange, and grapefruit for a bright and colorful salad. Every bite of this fruity citrus salad is bursting with incredible flavor! Enjoy it on its own, or pair with a side of chicken or seafood (great with salmon!).

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Preparing the Fennel
01:52 Cutting the Citrus
03:16 Prepping the Avocado
03:46 Toasting the Pine Nuts
04:07 Making the Lemon Dressing
04:52 Assembling the Salad
06:39 Make Ahead Instructions
07:12 Taste Test

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  1. Hi Sweetie…mmmmm yummy very robust flavor sorta gives you loc jaw when you first taste it I peared this with my mid western chuck roast cut into 2 in thick slabs 4 all together from a 15 pound chuck.then they got smoked for 9hrs with some of the ingredients from this dish. 1-lemon 1/2-onion 1-cup apple juice and1-tablespoon mustard seed in a blender till pureed into a sorta thick paste and rubbed all over put in smoker at 400 for 9 hrs.with what's left of the puree can be dressed with before serving .All your dishes are fantastic.love every season with your talent from warm homie food to snappy zesty spring salads.this can be peared with your favorite meat or pasta dish. This is why your my hero and my mentor and I'm a fan and a subscriber for life.

  2. Good Day Chef. I am such a big fan of Fennel. Just sliced plain is fine for me. That salad video is getting sent to my friend who owns the restaurant I make the cheesecake for, he was just asking me for something different for the summer season. I worked at a French restaurant that finished off the fish when char grilled with dried fennel tops. We lifted the irons and tossed it directly to the flame under the fish. This time I will not be substituting tarragon for the dill, there is enough flavor for me. If I can get all the ingredients by Easter this could make it to the table. Much nicer than a iceberg lettuce blend. 💙💛🙏4✌💛💙🌷🌷🌷