Easy 7 Layer Salad Recipes/How To


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#Seven layer salad
#Seven layer salad with peas and bacon recipe
Easy 7 Layer Salad Recipes/How To Hello everyone welcome to my channel Today i showed you all how to make Easy 7 Layer Salad Recipes and it is so tasty what i love about this recipe is that its so easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients I love to cook and share my recipes with the whole world. I want to show the world that cooking can be fun and stress free.
We all love Easy healthy Recipes right so why not try to eat this way by turning it into this delicious dish my famous Easy 7 Layer Salad Recipes the world loves them so much I had to make this video showing you how to make this salad Gina Young Style make you some.
In The Kitchen With Gina Young Best cooking Channel OnYoutube For Beginners. when i upload cooking videos i make sure that i teach in detail so people can understand the art of cooking
Until the next video God bless you all Goodnight.
boiled eggs
spring salad mix
cherry tomatoes
shredded sharp cheese
cauliflower choppped
fresh peas thawed
bacon bits
red onions optional or red bell peppers
1 small container dukes mayo
1 cap full apple cider vinegar
1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar
sour cream 1/2 lb
step by step tutorial
God Bless enjoy 😊





  1. Chef Gina.. I see ya.. The Rookie Chef still following.. Love this salad.. Love the way you perfected it and loved the way you incorporated it. I would love to highlight you on my next episode of Highlighting my YouTube Chef family.. Episode 6.. Love your style.. Stop by my channel sometimes.. keep up the good work Chef!❤

  2. Hi Gina!!! Your 7 Layer Salad looks delicious. I dont eat peas. I put think slices of Cucumbers in mine. Don't think I ever put eggs in it. It's been many years since I made it. Your dressing sounds really tasty . Great video!!! GOD bless…