EASIEST Bread No Sugar | Beginner Bread Recipe | 8 Min Prep Time


EASIEST Bread No Sugar | Beginner Bread Recipe | 8 Min Prep Time

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  1. Used your recipe for this past week. Delicious! I actually messed up a bit. My first batch, I couldn’t get the dough to rise. When I added the yeast I added hot water instead of warm water. I learned this killed the yeast and prevented from rising. I had no idea how to fix it. what I decided to do is go back and add another 2 tablespoons of yeast plus warm water and salt. Because there is too much water in the mixture I added more flour I didn’t measure this time I’d say maybe approximately three more cups. So instead of five loaves of bread, I guess maybe I made 10 loaves, lol! Well, at least I got my dough to rise. My first bread (well, supposed to be pizza dough. Yeah, lol!) came out perfect. I originally wanted to make pizza, but I put too much dough in the pan with tomato sauce, Mexican cheese, boiled eggs, green beans ( I had no meat and vegetables and improvised) Regardless, it was super delicious! Not bad for screwing up making my first bread, lol 😂. Great recipe, thank you so much!

  2. Do you think this could easily be an all purpose dough to use for quick cinnamon rolls or pizza? I mean, I know usually cinnamon rolls have more butter and milk in ingredients but maybe with the butter + cinnamon inside the roll it works? used it for bread many times now and for pizza, it's a great recipe and easy to remember! thanks for making it so simple.

  3. Ingredients: 4 one pound load
    2 T salt, 2 T dry active yeast
    8 C bread flour or all purpose flour
    4 C very warm water, too warm to touch
    Tool, a sealable bucket with lid.
    Mix well into sticky dough in the bucket, cover the lid with an opening and leave it on counter for 2 hours
    and keep it in the fridge good for 2 weeks.
    Take a portion after fermenting overnight in fridge.
    Bake at 450F for 30 min.
    Note: Put one cup of water to a pan under baking sheet to generate steam while baking.

  4. Christa I love this easy way to make several loaf, and so far I tried it twice EXACTLY to all details as you show, but mine is way softer, when get ready to bake. It stay very flat and rises only a bit. I use Gold Medal flour, and I must add or it will just stick to my fingers, and cannot shape it at all. Maybe the 1,200" elevation, where I live can be the issue, but it is what it is. Any suggestion (s)? Keep cookin' :-}}

  5. For some reason this dough and (I've tried this recipe several times) is way too wet. And I'm even talking about the next day usage. I've had to add 4 to 5 Xtra CUPS of flour. Has anyone else had this problem. I live on the east coast and don't know if that's a factor.

  6. I saw your original video and the update with brad. You guys are so adorable together. Although I first saw no knead bread demos quite a while ago (at least 10 or 12 years now) it wasnt until I saw your demo that I started using this type of process. Great work, I'm sure that you've inspired many home bakers, particularly during the past 2 years to get their hands messy and bake up some love 😊😋