Dry Soup Mix in Jars


How convenient it is to have homemade dry soup mixes in our food storage for quick and nutritious meals. In this video we show how to gather the ingredients for Rainbow Lentil Soup and pack, them in jars, and vacuum seal them for a long shelf life. Additional videos you might like– Safely Canning Your Own Soup Recipe: Instant Soup with Powdered Veggies: We do not sell or promote any products. Any products we mention or show on our videos have been purchased with our own money and are recommended or not based on our own experience.





  1. I made a test batch yesterday – cooked it to make sure no tweaks were needed before canning a large supply of these. Result was excellent! I did increase the pepper to a whole tsp but that’s because I like things peppery. I found some ‘healthier’ bouillon cubes at Natural Grocers that were good! (I was surprised to be honest…..). All in all I am very happy with this recipe! Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Going to have to try this. I've got a lot of canned foods that I need to start eating and I'm going to start replacing them with dried foods (either freeze dried or dehydrated.) I've been doing some already and reusing the lids for that purpose. I've bought reusable (Tattler) lids for canning so I don't use up the metal ones. I've discovered that a bit of wax or petroleum jelly helps to keep the lid edges from rusting in high humidity.

  3. Really Great recipe! I love soup but the stores have way too much sodium for me. Can't wait to get your book . And go to town making future soups!! Thank You for sharing such good information. I have the same bowl with the spout and a machine to seal the jars. You cause me to feel smart for being prepared with foods ready to cook in my pantry! Thank You again and Happy New Year 2022!!!

  4. I saw this when it came out. I dont have the accessory for a rival seal a meal. I tried food saver and it isnt compatible. I saw another video(different channel) where she used an O2 absorber. She said the O2 absorber seals the jar when it heats up and does its thing. ANyone else know about this?

  5. I used to make these for gifts. Great for Teachers and Neighbors you don't know what to gift, Food is always welcome. Great for kids to help with and learn measurementsand Food experience. We made the lids pretty with fabrics cut with picking shears and a tag with instructions tied with ribbon or lace. Thank you for showing your version. 💚 🙏