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Dr. Eric Berg is a chiropractor who specialises in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life.

Dr. Berg is the author of the best selling books ‘The 7 Principles of Fat Burning’ and ‘The Healthy Keto Plan’ in which he describes specific strategies on doing the healthy version of the ketogenic diet as well as intermittent fasting. He has conducted over 4800 seminars on health-related topics and trained over 2500 doctors world-wide in his methods.

Dr. Berg has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, on the advisory panel for the Health Science Institute, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. He has appeared on many radio and television shows, including ABC, CBS, and as a monthly host on Channel 8’s Sports Talk. He has also had his own radio health show on WOL in 2005.

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  1. Relax ciach❤️I'm thinking 🥰every 20 years we contradict our studies💯my personal opinion dear 🙏 balance is GOOD📖Anything naturally actually GOD Created is Good for us.. Who cares who claims or activates what sweetest trainer Thomas 😅

  2. I just love this man. He is kind, articulate, funny ! I purchased his book, order all the recommended vitamins and minerals he suggests. His speaking voice calms me plus he is easy on the eyes if you know what I am saying. I enjoy watching the cooking videos he and his lovely wife produce together as well as their sit down talks. Thank you for your honesty Dr. Berg! I recommend you to all who will listen.

  3. Watching this with my 13 yr old and she keeps saying : you see mom, I told you these were false from experience, well except the organs shutting down but i can see why. Thx Dr Berg, I feel like a failure lol. This has been the most interesting video.

  4. Lawyers & conventional doctors etc say holistic doctors are quacks only bcz it wrecks their job security. I started seeing yours & Dr. Sten Ekberg's health videos 2 years ago, and when I switched to the LCHF diet instead of The USDA Food Pyramid diet, to lose weight, I accidentally discovered that in just 3 weeks my 15 years of daily plantar fasciitis foot pain just stopped and never came back. It's been 2 years since. It started when I was about 150 lbs for years from a running injury, and I now realize that the high carb diet that doctors recommend was keeping it inflamed for 15 years. The podiatrist never told me that foods can be inflammatory and keep the pain going. He did make me custom shoe inserts twice over the years, gave me exercises to do for my feet, and recommended anti-inflammatory perception pills, special shoes, cortisone shot in the heel, and surgery, but I only did the shoe inserts & exercises but they seemed to make it worse. By the time I started the LCHF diet I was using crutches around the house to be able to walk after getting up from bed or the couch. It was the toxic carbs all along!! After I kept eating reasonably LCHF, other health problems I had from my 30s+ started healing… terrible arthritis in my hands & neck, back pain, upper arm skin pain, blemishes, kidney pain, scary heart palpitations & pain, excessive appetite, salty or too moist eye problems, insanely heavy periods & anemia, potty problems like needing a shower in the middle of the day, also urinary incontinence, what else… oh, the nurse practitioner said I was prediabetic too, but my health got worse before I started LCHF, so I probably slipped into full on type 2 for a little while bcz I became such a disaster I was about to go to the doctor again, which I usually avoid going to the doctor. I avoid medicine mostly too, have to feel it's a desperate need to take pain meds or prescriptions. So most of my problems cleared up 90-100%, just from taking advice from several holistic doctors on YouTube!! I'm interested in your electrolyte powder supplement, and a few others. Your cooking show is fun to watch. I'm convinced that the government wants people so sick from wrong eating that they'll think the government must takeover the economy to pay for healthcare bcz it's so expensive. But I've found that the LCHF/KETO & IF way of eating greatly reduces healthcare & dental costs. I even got a conventional dentist to admit that small tooth cavities can heal completely from a much improved diet. He saw it himself. So they're lying that cavities are caused primarily by bacteria on the teeth. There are a LOT of jobs that rely on poor eating habits. It would be a giant economic (& health bcz poverty) problem if everyone learned the truth about best diet and did it fast. So they have to call you a quack, so the cultural change to better eating is slow enough to not crash the economy in the extreme. There are also a great many jobs fully dependent on destructive relationship choices. I would be curious to see the percentages of the economy reliant upon good choices vs life-shortening happiness-damaging choices.

  5. Haircuts… tell them your beautiful wife cuts your hair, when you're alone, and she wears what you want her to. That'll make them jealous instead of arrogant. I started cutting my husband's hair years ago after learning from a library book. He's VP of his company and no one ever says anything bad about his haircuts, and his coworkers are always teasing & pranking each other, any small fault is fair target for teasing. It's all in friendly fun, no bullying allowed. I was surprised no one noticed his haircuts were not professionally done like most people and he used to get done.

  6. How many times do you have to say negative things about menopausal "clients" aka "older women"? You have never ran into an older or a younger guy with a belly that just won't go? Because thats what everyone but you seems to see. Seriously, take a piece of paper and walk to a random place where you have guys and gals and count. Be nice, you are a doctor! People come to listen to you

  7. Why don't I lose weight on keto? Tried for 2 years. No nuts, used my fitness app to track macros, absolutely nothing works. Same for my sister, she has been trying to lose weight on keto on and off for years now. I believe in the philosophies but cannot make it work for me. Are there some who cannot lose weight via keto?

  8. I lost weight , for the first time in my life by eating 6 times a day. Eggs, meat , fish, chicken , vegetables, brown rice , yams, sweet poratoes, granny smith apples, nuts, olive oil, butter. I ate as much as i wanted, until l was full. For the first time l could tell when l was full. I lost a pound a day. I got thin and felt like a new person. I never felt so good in my life.

  9. I don't think carbs are bad. I think the way many carbs are grown and processed for profit by our corporations is what makes them bad. I think there is a healthy option for every craving. Instead of icecream go with yogurt, instead of regular pasta go with gluten free, rice-based, quinoa-based, home-made egg-based, or the highest quality you can find. When you're eating yoga mats at Subway it's no wonder you're blaming carbs for everything.

  10. The pain in body is unreal. Inflammation, fybromyaga, pinched nerves, in spine plus arthritis…I am sick of pills.. vitamins..my brother does the keto. He looks and feels great..I need to do this..I am sick a lot and feel lonely for other people..
    I try to pray and stay focused on Jesus, I know he wants me healthy and Juice when able to prepare it. I am alone a lot but I try to travel with my husband but now that may be impossible. I really hate him leaving me for work..we are 68 years..
    We have worked hard in our business but still nothing saved..
    I stopped blood pressure med. I am doing more to..


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