Dr.Berg's Healthy Keto Basics: Step 2: WHAT TO EAT


Wondering what to eat on keto? Try these tasty meal options.

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If you’re new to Dr. Berg’s channel, this is the second of many helpful videos to watch. The first video was made specifically to help those of you looking for keto basics and how to start keto. In this video, Dr. Berg continues to build on the intermittent fasting and healthy keto basics shared in the first video. If you have friends or family members wondering how to start keto as well, don’t forget to point them to this video too! 

Learn more about healthy keto and intermittent fasting:

1. Go as long as you can in the morning without eating. Don’t eat unless you are hungry. 

You need to keep pushing it to the point where your body is fully adapted to fat-burning, and you’re no longer in sugar-burning. Adapting to ketosis could take 3-5 days or longer. 

While on the healthy keto diet, try doing 2 meals a day with a 4 hour eating window, which will give you a 20 hour fasting period. This can give you major results, except if you’re dealing with issues like: 

• Menopause
• A slow thyroid condition 
• A history of dieting 
• A slow metabolism 

If you’re struggling with one of the issues above, you may need to start only eating one meal a day on the ketogenic diet to see significant results. But, in some cases, you still may not see results or weight loss. In this case, you may have to have one meal every other day until the system heals. 

2. What to eat during meals while doing the healthy keto diet and intermittent fasting:

Meal Option 1:
• Eggs (2-4) – pasture-raised organic 
• Avocado 
• Cheese – high-quality, organic, grass-fed
• Bacon – nitrate-free, organic, less than 1g of sugar 
• Nut Butter – almond butter, peanut butter (sugar-free)

Meal Option 2:
• Meat (3-6 oz.)
• Vegetables or salad (with olive oil + vinegar) (SIBO:
• Nuts / Seeds 

Meal Option 3:
• Fish / Sea Food – salmon, sardines (
• Salad 
• Fat bomb 

Meal Option 4:
• Chicken (with skin)
• Asparagus 
• Olives 

Important Things to Remember:
• It’s okay to consume vitamins any time of the day 
• It’s okay to consume ACV (apple cider vinegar) and lemon 
• It’s okay to consume coffee and tea (only one in the morning—try a bulletproof coffee with MCT oil)
• If you have an urge to snack, it means you need more fat and greens 
• If you have cravings for bread, then you need more B vitamins (electrolytes, B vitamins, and nutritional yeast)
• Consume sea salt
• Get exercise (the best time to exercise is when you’re fasting)
• It can take 3 to 5 days or longer to fully keto-adapt (the way to know you are in ketosis is if you don’t crave anymore)

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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  1. This is my second go round with keto. I got a horrendous kidney stone that caused sepsis on my last go about 3 years ago. I’m going again with better info on avoiding kidney stones…. Drinking lemon water, limiting spinach and bacon, and taking a supplement called Chan a piedra which was recommended by my Columbian friend. Fingers crossed 🤞 .. I’ve been going about 5 days and I’ve already dropped about 10 lbs of fluid, with the help of Dr. Bergs’ ACV drink… I found it easier this time to put down the sugar and pasta… my hunger is almost gone with one meal per day. I do the MCT oil in my coffee first thing!

  2. There's ppl who drink juices in the morning as breakfast, I eat plenty of fruits as my breakfast. is it ok or too much sugar that spike insulin level up? Wonder if Keto diet is ok for those who are not fat and do not wish to lose any weight.

  3. Thank you for all this videos. I'm putting in practice as much as I can… Right now I had days where I can't afford nothing but pasta and pasta sauce and I still feel great… My health had improved so much, all the belching, gas and bloating it's completely gone. I also been exercising 4X week for the last 4 weeks HIIT

  4. Question – Is it possible that cardiac/BP and cholesterol meds can contribute to fatty liver? Slow metabolic rates? Interfere with digestion and fat burning? If so – are there natural remedies/dietary considerations to help wean off those types of meds? I’ve read that Hibiscus 🌺 can help lower Blood pressure. Your thoughts?
    Also – does adding tumeric, garlic, lemon, or acv to water or tea in the morning interrupt fasting?
    Thanks for your excellent info!