Diwali Special Kaju Katli Recipe with Jaggery | SUGARFREE | गुड़ वाली काजू कतली | Chef Sanjyot Keer


Full written recipe for Healthy sugar free Kaju katli

• Cashew nuts (Kaju) 500 gm
• Jaggery (gud) 125 gm
• Water 50 ml
• Pistachios (pista) (powdered) for garnish
• Grind the cashew in a food processor or a grinder to a fine powder, make sure to grind in short intervals on pulse mode, grinding continuously will make the cashew moist as its oil will release. You can keep the cashew powder grainy or fine depending on how smooth or grainy you want you kaju katlis to be.
• Set a non-stick wok on medium heat, add jaggery and water, mix and melt the jaggery, cook until the jaggery comes to one string consistency, to check, take a drop and try to stick between your thumb and index finger, if a single thread is formed your good to go.
• Add the powdered cashew nuts to the wok, mix and combine well, cook for 1-2 minutes keeping the flame on medium low heat.
• Transfer the mixture to a butter paper and place another butter paper over it.
• Use a rolling pin and flatten the mixture as thin or thick you want your kaju katli to be.
• Remove the top butter paper and garnish it with the powdered pistachios, press the powdered pistachios lightly with a clean spatula and allow it to rest for half an hour to set.
• After half an hour rest, cut the katli in diamond shape with a sharp and clean knife, you can also apply sliver work over the katlis as you get in sweet shop. Your katlis are ready, serve it to your guest, family, friends.

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