Dietitian’s Ultimate Meal Prep Guide for Intuitive Eating (Healthy Balanced Meals)


Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video, we will be talking about how I like to meal prep for myself as a registered dietitian!

1) The information in this video is for education and entertainment purposes only, so you should always speak to a health care provider about your unique health needs.
2) Please use this video (as with all of my review videos) as educational, not as unique recommendations.
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4) Trigger warning to those with disordered eating tendencies.
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  1. I would love more videos like this, please. I'm a 51 year old lacto OVO vegetarian and I'm trying to mindfully lose a little more weight, but okay to do this gradually. Over my 30s and 40s, I think I just ate more sugar and less protein. I've been losing weight by adding back protein: tofu, eggs, tempeh and homemade seitan. But I'm not used to meal prepping this way yet and I would love ideas. I work full time. I'm a middle aged woman: I have stress and crappy sleep by definition. I want to make a change that's lasting and healthy.

  2. Hi! Love the videos 💕 in this one you mentioned making larger batches of oat meal for the week and that was something I hadn’t thought about. I love your protein oatmeal. Do you make and keep that style or just regular? Would the protein oatmeal be able to be made in larger quantities and reheated?

  3. Yes, you’re blessed your kids like veggies, but also take some credit for that! They like them Bc you present them a lot, in a non-high stakes kinda way. And I feel like when stuff is presented to kids enough, there are always some things they end up loving. My mom did this too when I was a kid and, to this day, I’m convinced it’s why none of the 3 of us are picky eaters & are always willing to try lots of stuff.

  4. Thanks, Abbey! Can you do a video on intuitive eating and SIBO? I am a fellow SIBO sufferer and after two unsucessful rounds of antibiotic treatment I think I have to follow a low FODMAP diet, but this is scary as I learned intuitive eating as part of my anorexia treatment and don't want to backtrack.