"Diabetic Meals" and "Regular Meals." All that Glitters is not Gold.


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Dennis Pollock discusses the nature of “Diabetic Meals,” and why all that glitters is not gold.

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  1. Yes. I read an article about the ideal diabetic breakfast. It was terrible. Half the article was about how important it was to have a breakfast. Then the actual breakfast was ‘low calorie’, low fat, healthy grains were mentioned. It was so bad I thought it might be satire or worse paid for.

  2. Based on the video it appears you agree eating a keto diet. In any case we all should eat the same way a diabetic eats. It is unfortunate people think a diabetic meal is only for those that have the disease. We all should eat the same meal a diabetic eats. If not we will end up eating this way eventually.

  3. About 5-6 years ago when I started a keto diet, a doctor suggested I go to a nutritionist. With a groan, I went. After a " discussion " of my choice. She said she could help me on my keto program but she was very reluctant. I remember nothing of what she said and would never pay another nutritionist again. I learn more from a small group of doctors and specialists, like yourself, on youtube. Nutritionist, like most doctors, are trained on eating healthy fruits and vegetables. So no help. I rarely eat fruit and usually don't have veggies, unless I want salad dressing. Yes, there's a reason I'm a type 2 diabetic. I love sugar so I abstain from most sugars, even sugar substitutes raise my blood sugar and create more cravings. I hope this improves someday but for now. No sugar or anything that converts to sugar. Yes, I use a blood glucose meter often, that's how I know. I also use a ketone meter about once per day because these readings give me insight to my insulin. Ketones and insulin are an inverse relationship with blood sugar. If blood sugar is higher, over 110, my ketones will be low, insulin is higher. Just my guides.

  4. i was in the hospital and ask for a keto diet. they don't have it. then i u ask for no carb, nope. so, I had to at the menu, and chose my meal and minus the carbs. the nurses felt sorry for me because I only ate eggs, and coffee for breakfast. small piece of meat with veg. and coffee I skip the potatoes, bread. fruits. it made up more than halve the plate. i was a big man back then.
    but I wanted to stay in this diet. for 3 weeks i stay there. i lost so much weight that my wife tries to over stuff me, with food when i got out. but I told her I'm fell ok eating less now.

  5. …I think it's time for me to comment…I was diagnosed as "officially" diabetic 18 months ago, at age 71, with an A1c of 6.5, after years of being told I was "pre-diabetic." My father and a younger sister were insulin-dependent diabetics. I told my doctor I was not going to let this beat me. She referred me to the ADA diet, and prescribed Trulicity…I was already taking metformin, 1,000 mg twice a day. I decided to do some research, and thank God, I found your channel. I was a dedicated home brewer…for over 30 years! I loved my beer! I felt I had to give it all up…and it wasn't easy…I am a Christian man, and with Jesus' help, I have been able to do it…what a lifestyle change! I am very certain that He led me to your videos. Your videos have inspired and educated me…I resolved to change my diet, based on your suggestions…and, after 6 months, my A1c dropped to 5.6, and I lost 20 pounds…a year after my original diagnosis, I am now 35 pounds lighter, and my last A1c was 5.4…my doctor has told me that I can stop the Trulicity, and cut my metformin dosage in half…she couldn't believe my latest A1c result! She told me to keep doing whatever I am doing…sadly, my sister passed away at age 64 from diabetic ketoacidosis…I am not going to let that happen to me…thank you for this special ministry!

  6. My Dad was hospitalized for stroke and sent to a care home. The dinner they served him was a slice of chicken lunchmeat and mashed potatoes with both smothered in gravy made from mix, green beans, roll and butter. Jello for dessert, if I remember correctly. Graham crackers and OJ for snack later. I questioned it. The nurse came in and gave him insulin. My Dad wasn't diabetic…but he became one in the care facility. I questioned it. My mother ok'd it. Go figure.

  7. Yes I was so angry about the diabetic meals we received on our international flights,4 flights and my husband and I had to pick through what we could eat one had two bread rolls and margarine and tropical fruit.When I checked what everyone else was eating fish meat cheese and butter. One flight we were just given a very thick piece of banana bread with marg.On the return journey I cooked up a dozen eggs .

  8. I was in the hospital for severe diabetic ketoacidosis. Almost died in August. I was given a "cardiac diabetic" diet in the hospital. My breakfasts has things like blueberry muffin, banana, orange juice. Dinners with egg noodles and a dinner roll. But at least I was on an insulin drip. 😮