Diabetic goes vegan for 180 days. This happened.


I’ve been on a low fat plant based diet for 180 days. Being a diabetic, I’ve seen major changes in my insulin sensitivity after switching from a low carb diet to a healthy high carb vegan diet. I cover what exactly I eat in a day as a type 1 diabetic, how I prepare my meals in a blood sugar friendly way, how my blood glucose reacted, and how my insulin needs changed during and after this transition.

If you are looking for a healthy sustainable diabetes diet this video might inspire you as I share my experience in a whole lot of detail with focus on diabetes and blood sugar management.

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  1. Could you please show me a picture of some days of your sensor readings? It would be great to see three days, in the first two weeks, after 3 months and after 6 months. I just can't wrap my head around that bowl of fruit and less insulin not equaling a shark fin.

  2. Thank you so much for this . I'm type 1 diabetic . the past 3 weeks I've been getting reactive hypoglycemia by eating any carbs . Weather it be something like chocolate or oats . My blood sugars would go anywhere from 3.8mmol to 3.3 … I couldn't figure out what the issue is . I reduced my night time insulin by 50% already . I can't sleep because of the night time crashes . This has caused me to suffer immensely from stress and anxiety . Now I know that I have to follow the opposite of this for a while . I have to go a bit more unhealthy with my diet because these crashes are throwing my life out of wack . If I reduce my insulin with 1 unit it eventually stops working alltogether . I can fit in 80 carbs on 4 units of insulin . This is quite the problem for me

    Edit . No offense . I understand keeping blood sugars as low as possible is a good thing . But at this point I'd be more comfortable with hyperglycemia than with hypo . The highest I've been able to get my blood sugars in a month and a half was 10.2mmol . And I was pushing it because the hypos were freaking me out . It also seems to damage my eyes when I go hypo . Last week I got hypoglycemia 27 times ☹️

  3. You definitely look leaner from your early videos. I can definitely see my meat-eating self trying your vegan self-experiment. Thank you for your observations and all the stats.. PS: You don't give medical advice apart from that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease? You don't make political statements apart from veganism is better for the environment? These are both heavily debated rabbit holes which are both medical and political. 😅

  4. Do you do any exercise after consuming all of those fruits for breakfast? My a1c is 5.6 recently down from 5.7. Fasting glucose 89 when I eat apples,grapes,pears my glucose can go up to 160! It does go back do n to 98 on its own but I really don't like my glucose going over 140. I've been experimenting with Mastering Diabetes for 3 weeks and finally started to lose my last 10 pounds. I've been keto for years but fear it has caused me to become insulin resistant. When I do overnight oats and only stick to berries my glucose does not spike as much. BUT when I have banana,apple,grape,pears it spikes so I go for a 20 minute walk to fix it. I'm not diabetic but statistics say since my mom is type II and I'm considered borderline pre diabetic I want to avoid it as long as possible.

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing your experience. 🙏 I am a type 1 too and I started the same diet two years ago and thought in the same way as you – let's try and see what happens. Well, it went great and I have found during this time other reasons to why I think this is the most sustainable way of eating for me and our planet. I don't eat so strictly low fat all the time and I do incorporate some plant based processed food from time to time, but it is still working very well for me. What I also want to point out here is the bloodwork – I have seen very fast and big improvement in my cholesterol levels, which I find can be a problem with long term low carb diets and it is very important for us diabetics to be conscious about it. I also very rearly get ill which is a great improvement also. Wish you all the best on your journey of plant based eating 🥦

  6. Very good video. I use low fat plant based diet for the most part as well, and any time I veer away from it, my insulin needs go WAY up. I think more than anything for me, it's processed foods that are the killer. The plant based diet seems to work really well. And if it doesn't seem sustainable – a few suggestions I have would be to just try to be plant based 75% of the time. Or for example, if you're going about your weekly routine monday through friday, try to be plant based as much as possible. Then on the weekends, allow yourself to eat meet or whatever else. This seems to make it much more sustainable long term.

  7. I've been a Type 1 diabetic for 50 years and for 40 of those years I've followed a modified version of Dr. Richard Bernstein's low carb diet. I must admit that I found your video astounding as it contradicts just about every dietary principal advanced by Bernstein and others advocating low carb meal plans. That said I was very impressed by your detailed analysis of your dietary experiment and as a long time follower of your site I have great respect for your abilities and attitudes. Who knows I may even give the vegan approach a try…all those fruits and nuts would be a welcome change after 40 years of avoiding them. Thanks for the cutting edge willingness to try a new approach!