Yummy – Healthy Kitchen is a unique cookery show where culinary expertise is blended with health and entertainment. It primarily presents nutritious and delicious recipes. In addition to that, it depicts the health benefits, origin and journey of the vegetables and ingredients involved in the making. First segment is “Spicy and Healthy”. As the title suggests, this segment includes spicy but healthy dishes. Second segment “Yummy and Healthy” highlights nutritious and tasty sweets and snack items. And the final segment “Classy and Healthy” can be considered the soul of the show. Popular chefs prepare stylish and healthy dishes on this platform. Our show dedicates an episode a week to various cuisines popular around the world, under a specific title called Chef Special. Celebrity episodes on special occasions add more flavor and glamour to the show. Whatever is the recipe, whoever is the guest our primary motto is healthy cooking. In other words, Yummy – Healthy Kitchen is a complete health package.

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