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Diet & recipes to manage diabetes. A easy-to-make tasty recipe for diabetic paratha that would help manage diabetes naturally.

Manage blood sugar levels with this Moong Dal & Chana Dal stuffed Official-Diabetic-Friendly-Paratha! Loaded with fibre and protein, extremely low GI!


– 1 cup whole-wheat flour dough
– 2 tbsp gram flour (chana atta)
– 1 tsp each of coriander, red chilli, turmeric, cumin powders
– 1 cup soaked split yellow gram (chana dal)
– 2 tbsp soaked split green gram (moong dal)
– ½ cup water
– ½ cup spring onion
– Salt to taste
– 1 tsp oil
– Red Chilli paste to serve


– Prepare the wheat dough and set aside.
– For stuffing, dry roast the gram flour with the red chilli, coriander, cumin powders.
– Add soaked dals and mix well adding ½ cup water.
– Add spring onions and salt, mix well. Set aside to cool, your stuffing is ready! Use it to stuff and roll out as parathas.
– Oil spray the pan and heat, cook the paratha on both sides. Serve with red chilli paste.

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