Deviled Egg Potato Salad Recipe How To


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Today i Showed you all how to make Deviled Egg Potato Salad Recipe How to
and it was so much fun to make and the flavor was out of site i can’t wait until you all try this recipe
this Potato Salad With Deviled Eggs in It is so Flavorful unlike any Potato Salad you have tried.
and did i mention how easy it was to make. Cooking is a true passion of mines i want to teach the world how to cook Gina Young Style Stress free. If you haven’t Subscribed make sure you Subscribe and click on the notification bell to be notification when i upload new content Best Cooking Channel On Youtube For Beginners I always make sure that i teach in detail so people can understand the are of cooking Until the next video God Bless You all Goodnight.
4 to 5 lbs Idaho potatoes
garlic salt
pinch of sugar or two
2 to 3Tbl mustard
1/2 cup dukes mayo
1 cup miracle whip
12 boiled eggs boiled eggs
separated egg whites and chop them
save yolks and a couple whites to make the filling
Step by Step Tutorial
God Bless enjoy 😊





  1. I am a keen cook. Watched a few of your videos and actually liked them. That's why I kept watching… But, my God, Gina! Can you stop saying those "OK :)", or "OOK", "OUKay", "UKay" etc. Those are parasite words that DO NOT contribute to anything you present. In fact, the "OKs" mar all you presentations and are really, really ANNOYING :(. I suggest that, say, for every 20 "OKs" used, you could lose AT LEAST 19. And if/when you did, I promise you, your videos will be better, Gina.

  2. I look forward to making me some too Gina! Great recipe….but you need a piece of fried chicken to eat with it to make it even more special. Great job….even better than the Southern potato salad I mentioned Thursday on your "LIVE" session. Love you much and God Bless you too!