Destroying Salad-Haters with Facts & Logic


A ton of plants taste their best in the Summer time. Don’t let this season pass you by without making some delicious salads at home! These are all the reasons to hate salads, plus recipes to overcome the issue ⬇️

0:00 – A Preference for Sandwiches
Simple Panzanella:
More Complex Panzanella:
Italian Sub Sandwich Style Salad:

1:03 – The Requisite Number of Ingredients
Sangchu Geotjeori:

2:02 – A Desire for Density
Crispy chickpea chopped salad:
Jalapeno Ranch Chopped Salad:
Gladly Chopped Salad:
Detox Salad:

2:31 – Aversion to Knifework
Onion Chopper:

3:37 – Textural Woes
Green Goddess Salad:
Food Network’s Version:

4:21 – Unsustainable Novelty
Shirazi Salad:

5:13 – Lack of Inspiration
Basic Kale Salad:
Steakhouse Salad:

5:50 – General Tips

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  1. Being unable to eat cucumber makes eating my greens that much harder. Leafy greens are so much harder to wash/prepare than coin-cutting a cucumber and tossing some onto my bagel. Thank goodness for avocado, even though the nutritional value isn't exactly the same.

  2. For me, I can barely stand salads because sometimes the greens are just… too bitter. So I tend to eat salads with other things that might counter that like meats or inside a sandwich, but even then, I wouldn't be able to eat a salad normally or on it's own.
    PS: I'm european, not american.

  3. I think every point you made was solid except the first one about sandwiches. I love sandwiches and can tolerate a salad, but they are completely different things. I love sandwiches because of the form factor, not necessarily because of the carbs. I like how with most sandwiches I don't need to use utensils (I don't necessarily need to use utensil for a salad). I like picking up my sandwich. Nonetheless, the video was great, I don't think I will be eating a salad anytime soon but it is good to have the knowledge in the back of my brain.

  4. I will do everything in my ability to not eat raw veg idk why but it all taste grassy and no matter what I can always taste a weird and off putting grass like taste that ruins everything else I am tasting then I said fuck it because I love cooked veg, cooked veg salads are great nothing in a salad needs to be raw and it really helps

  5. Thank you so much for the advice for people who have issues with the textures of foods. I have sensory issues so bad that even though I love the taste of most veggies, there's just a bunch I cannot eat raw because their texture will trigger a gagging reflex 😭

  6. Not sure why it never occurred to me to have a non-lettuce-y salad, but the texture of leafy greens has been my biggest deterrent to eating salad. All the cubed and very thinly shredded salads look and sound incredible, and now I’m actually excited to try one! Thanks for sharing.

  7. My favorite salad that I make several times a week for lunch at work (requires very little dicing):

    – a generous amount of spring mix (already washed!)
    – feta cheese
    – cranberries
    – seeds and nuts
    – chicken (I buy plain, already cooked fajita chicken from the store and use kitchen scissors to slice what I need for a single serving)
    – fruit (a small apple that I slice into large chunks right before eating, or a small pear or berries or two large figs from my trees in the yard)
    – sometimes an avocado (if there’s a ripe avocado available, I’ll use it!)
    – a few crispy, baked bagel bites I found at costco perfectly sized for topping salads
    – I use SkinnyGirl raspberry vinaigrette dressing, super low calorie!!! Only 5 calories per serving!!!! Tastes great!! No oil/no sugar! My favorite!

    This salad is delicious and I find myself craving it!!! Very energizing! I also eat a 60 calorie yogurt for breakfast or to supplement my lunch salad. To drink, I’ll add a Stevia soda or maybe tea!

  8. One of my favorite salads is a little bit complicated because you have to make a Caesar dressing from scratch, but the only other ingredient is just finely chopped raw broccoli. The salt and lemon juice in the Caesar dressing "cooks" the broccoli and infuses it with so much flavor, it's very delicious

  9. Thorough and concise as always. The points about density and texture are beautifully thoughtful. Introducing someone to salad by "disguising" it as a dip is a clever sort of trick I've been using since I was a kid with some textural food issues.

    My diet and palate is still pretty juvenile, but without tortilla chips I'd probably still be subsisting on all the basic forms of chicken and potatoes.