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In this video, we’re going to share with you a fantastic alfredo sauce recipe. This recipe for alfredo sauce is completely keto-friendly. You can pour it over some nice zucchini noodles or butternut squash noodles rather than traditional pasta to keep this as a delicious keto recipe. You really don’t even need traditional pasta noodles when you have tasty and much healthier alternatives like zucchini noodles.

A big problem with regular flour pasta noodles is that it won’t affect your blood sugars right away, but there is a delayed response. You might test your blood sugars and think that it’s fine to consume regular pasta, but then a few hours later, your blood sugar spikes. Traditional pasta noodles are definitely not good for weight loss either, but with veggie noodles, you’re good to go. You could also add meat, shellfish, or bacon to this recipe for a little something extra.

Even a lot of sauces have hidden sugar or carbohydrates, but not this one. Alfredo sauce happens to be Karen’s all-time favorite pasta topping, and we think you’re going to love this recipe too!


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  1. Hello I’m American born to a very Italian family and I even lived in Italy for 10years. While I love the Alfredo sauce, In Italy it doesn’t exist but there’s “pasta or pizza ai quattro formaggi” which is a 4 cheese sauce! You can use any of your favorite cheeses to melt and some people will add “panna” ( a thicker sort of heavy cream) I think it’s perfectly keto friendly if we substitute the carbs of course with spiralized veggies. Your Alfredo sauce reminded me of this Italian cheese sauce. Both very scrumptious and I love that they are keto friendly. Try eating that on another “diet”!

  2. This looks delicious. I'd love to know the calories for the serving. I just started omad less than a week ago (didn't even had to do it gradually). I feel great fasting, but not sure how to track my calories (kinda new to calorie counting) I'm aiming at 1500 for my one meal, but at times I can't even consume it. I'd like some advice. Thanks a lot.

  3. I would like to see the cooking demonstrations in real time, as this would make it very helpful to prepare the recipe along with the video. Doing it in quick motion is eye catching, but it leaves me feeling distanced. I like cooking tips and nutrition information as a recipe is being actually cooked.